Really interesting conversation with a new hypnobirthing group last night about affirmations.

I’m very open about how I struggled with positive affirmations when I first encountered them in training. I thought it was some new age, hippy trippy bullshit. It was only when I got curious about my reaction that I understood that because I usually speak in a godawful way to myself, saying something positive to myself about myself, felt VERY uncomfortable. My reaction to that discomfort was to get angry and sarcastic about the practice…
(which is often my first response if I’m acting unconsciously 🤣)

This is exactly why I share hypnobirthing in small groups so we can open up discussion. There’s no dogma, no do this, like this; instead I want you to understand how and why your brain and body works best so you can unlock what works best for YOU. This is for life folks, not just birth.

Courses beginning Nov 20th and Dec 6th.

Link in ☝🏻☝🏻bio☝🏻☝🏻for hypnobirthing bookings

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