Dear Katrina,
We are happy to let you know that baby Jad was born on the 6th July at 39wks +5.
It was just as amazing as in the videos we watched with you!

Early labour was all balloon breathing and relaxing at home through the night, with Nico and Ines nearby.
In the morning we had breakfast together before Ines went for her school day excited about her baby brother’s arrival.
Then for the next 3 hours, labour got more established.
When we arrived in UCH, I was fully dilated and jumped straight into the birtj pool.
Jad was born very easily within the hour.

It was just empowering and amazing.
We are now at home and settling in nicely to our new family life with the 4 of us.

Apart from the obvious, I am really happy that Ines was exposed to a very happy, relaxed and positive labour and birth experience.
Let me know if you would like us to take part in one of your evening meet ups, I’d be really happy to help.

All the best.

Nadia & Nicolas

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