Just wanted to let you know that baby girl Bado was born yesterday at 8:35am weighing in at 8.10lbs-
Born in water. Labour was about 6.5 hrs and another pool birth!
No drugs just your wonderful words of wisdom and my affirmations (on repeat!) and a little help from Bado doing some serious back pushing during contractions and we were there! Loads more powerful towards the end as she was back to back but we got there. Felt confident and powerful throughout and all the staff at Bath’s RUH were amazed at hypno birthing results!
Thought you would like to know as although we didn’t get to do any top up sessions it was all in there and we were saying it really is the best money we ever spent!
Will send a few pics, also when Max met his sister for the first time, what a moment.
All the best,
Thanks again xxxxx

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