Thank you so much for all your hypnobirthing help. It was invaluable.
Labour ended up being very long – 24 hours of contractions every 20 – 10 mins at home, then once we got to hospital with them coming ever 3 mins, it was another 19 hours until she arrived. But the hypnobirthing worked so well. I didn’t need any pain relief at all, and managed to just get in the zone and go with it. I could hear the affirmations in my head! The midwife was incredible and really respected the birth plan, giving us a very peaceful environment, with water bath and minimal intervention.
Towards the end, my contractions started slowing down, and as it had been over 24 hours since my waters had broken, and I was getting very weak, they were keen to move me to the labour ward to give me an injection of the synthetic oxytocin to speed things up, and possibly use forceps to get her through the final bit. Having done your classes, I had the courage and strength to say no to this. They gave me another hour, and I was sure she was nearly there! Then they came back to insist on moving me, and to say that if I insisted on staying put then I’d be going against hospital regs and would have to sign a disclaimer. I still wouldn’t budge and then gave an almighty push and then the midwife could see her head! Twenty minutes later and she was out.
I was so pleased to have been able to stick with what I wanted – and that was entirely thanks to your excellent classes. Thank you so much.
Emily x

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