Hey Kat

We wanted to drop you a note to introduce you to Enzo Jack. Born Thursday 7th July at 6.58am, weighing in at a health 8lb 8oz.

After the induction gel, that we had 24 hours after my waters broke, we went into labour at 3.30pm on Wednesday. The hospital being really busy worked in our favour as we were able to be on our own and work through the contractions using a Tens machine, yoga and listening to your recordings. At 8.30pm they gave me the drip induction and the contractions became continuous almost immediately. Due to this I had to be strapped to a bed, which wasn’t great as the lack of movement is really restrictive. At 11.30pm they gave me an epidural, which I was really pleased to have 🙂 it let me have a sleep, which after 2 days in hospital, I really needed.

At 5am they woke me up, 6am we started pushing and by 6.58 he was born. The midwifes were amazing and really supported our hypnobirthing. We listened to the recording all the way through and Edd was brilliant. Constantly telling me to relax my jaw, shoulders, hands and feet. Even though the birth was the opposite of what we wanted we felt so in control due to everything we had covered during our sessions.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Your support last week when we were stressed about the sweeps and inductions was invaluable. We felt really empowered and in control. Even when they said they were going to have to give me a cut Edd told them no and they let me tear naturally, which even the midwife said was the right call as I’ve only got a few stitches.  

I think without our preperation the birth would have been a totally different experience. Being informed kept us calm and the medical team seemed to totally respect the research and prep we had done. It’s a great example of how the hypnobirthing prepared us for medical events which were totally out of our hands. We are listening to the baby moon recordings when ever we can! I find them really helpful at 3am after feeding him and I’m struggling to get back to sleep. Enzo also seems to really like them! 

I hope you are really well, and again a massive thank you! I know hypnobirthing is something I’m going to be forever grateful I did and I’m definitely going to be using it when we have number 2!

All our love

Maddie and Edd xx

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