Chris and I had a baby boy on Tuesday 18th Feb (he’s just over 1 week old now) 7lbs 15oz. We cant quite believe he’s ours!

From start to finish my labour was 13 hours where he was born naturally with the little help of an episiotomy. HypnoBirthing gave Chris and I the confidence to ask questions, for time to consider our options and to make the right decision for us at that particular time (it changes all the time and from what you thought you might want).  Above all, it helped me keep calm through the whole process, as i had pretty much all my labour in hospital due to an infection i had.  The midwives even commented on me being known as the calm one!

We never quite made it to the pool as my labour was progressing well and i didn’t want to change my environment so stuck to dry land with gas/air and a tens machine (this thing got me through my labour!).

I found the midwives at uch extremely supportive, encouraging and respectful. When they saw how we were progressing and how we were managing the labour they encouraged us up to the birthing centre (we did have to come back down for various reasons, but it didn’t throw us). My labour was 50% on the labour ward and 50% in birthing centre and i found the approaches to be very similar in both.

Like Lizzie, i actually cant say it was painful, it was powerful and i would do it again, just maybe not quite yet 🙂

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