Hi Kat,

Just to let you know little Blue Ava was born on the 16.12.16 at 8.36 am weighing in 3.6 kg.

I can’t thank you enough. The breathing techniques, coupled with calmness, confidence, your mp3s and music all helped bring her into this world.

Sadly we didn’t get the waterbirth we so wanted, but UCLH told us to stay at home a bit longer ‘as it was my first’ ha ha and I basically turned up to the hospital fully dilated and crowning. Eek!

The mask and headphones all helped the bumpy ride to the hospital and she was born an hour later surrounded by fake candles and music playing.

I was in the bath the entire time in the lead up to the birth, the water with the breathing helped me stay calm and breathe into the surges, so I just know water would have helped so much in the birth, so we are going for a home birth next I think.

Anyway I couldn’t recommend your class enough to literally every pregnant friend I have or I meet along the the way. We have also made some lovely new pals to boot so thank you again.

Here’s a little pic of our joy who’s feeding so well (breast of course).

Much Love Kat

Sam & Thom


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