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Are you aware of your approach towards your body, to movement, to ageing, to pregnancy? A big part of moving through life gracefully is being willing to change how you think. Remember, the manner in which you treat your body is inseparable from the manner in which you cope with other aspects of life.

I’m going to suggest that you try one of these yoga videos today: is for everybody. If you’re pregnant give this one a whirl :

If you do the video, and especially if you don’t, here are some tips that will help you move through today with more ease:

Don’t Force It. Perform new movements slowly and gently so that you can feel what you are doing.

Explore Your Comfort Zone. Recognise your own level of comfort and move within that zone. Approach each movement exploration with the curiosity of a child and slow down

Expand Your Awareness. Be aware of how your body feels as a whole and its relationship to the floor and your surroundings. Give attention to your pelvis, the length of your spine, your neck and shoulders, your eyes, your breathing, the expression on your face and anything else that speaks to you.

Use Your Intelligence. The body and the brain are one, they are in constant communication. When you think through your movements and concentrate on what you are doing and how you are feeling the brain receives new information. As the brain processes the new information it is able to manage your movements more efficiently and expand your movement repertoire.

Life is a State of Mind. There is nothing static about the movement of our bodies, our minds, feelings or emotions. When we cast aside old, automatic ways of moving, thinking and feeling and integrate new options into our lives we can learn to move through life with ease

Remember birds don’t fly, they are carried by the wind, fish don’t swim they are held by the water…

Today I invite you to find ease in your movement through the day

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