“an incredibly positive experience….it was amazing really”

Hi Kat,
Hope you are all well. Sorry it’s taken a while to get this to you… So yes, we had a lovely little boy, Rudy George on Saturday 7th January. He came along a little earlier than anticipated, must have been ready to brave the world! Here are some photos of the boy for you. He is super cute, but obviously we are biased! The past two weeks has flown by in a crazy haze of extreme tiredness, exhilaration and (more than) a few tears!!
We’re all adjusting to life with Rudy, each day is different with no real routine which is a little bizarre but I am sure we’ll figure it out soon enough. I was really lucky and found the birth to be an incredibly positive experience….it was amazing really when I think back on it. My membranes ruptured on the Friday at around 11pm, rather conveniently. We then went to the hospital as they were concerned about merconium (unnecessarily) and the midwife sent us off home saying that labour would start in the next 24 hours. So Paul and I got back in the car and drove home, expecting things to get going the following day. How wrong we were! I had my first surge at Old Street roundabout in the car on the way back from hospital and had a second before we’d got back. Anyway, got home and tried to go to sleep but couldn’t because they were coming quite quickly, so put rainbow relaxation on and did the deep breathing. I phoned the hospital at 3am, and they told me to phone back at 6am. By this point the surges were definitely coming thick and fast and although the surges were intense, I felt pretty calm and in control, and also excited that our baby was on it’s way! Funnily enough I found the most comfortable place to be was the toilet, as you’d said.
Anyway by 6am the surges were at least 3 in 10 so we decided to go in. Arrived at the hospital around 7am – the BBC was closed as no one was using it (bit weird), so we headed to the labour ward and by this point I really felt like the baby was beginning to bear down and like I was in the final stages. Paul ran to get the midwives and one came to examine me and promptly said ‘congratulations, you are fully dilated, let’s have this baby!’ – I was totally shocked but so relieved, and excited. He was born at 9am so pretty quick from start to finish.
The whole birthing experience was absolutely amazing, and the hypnobirthing techniques definitely helped. I didn’t feel out of control or pain as such; the contractions were intense but manageable for the most part with the breathing.
Anyway I really hope you are well and thanks for everything you taught us! I am glad we were able to successfully put them into practice.
Lots of love
Esme and Paul xx

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