Alex and I just wanted to let you know that Indigo Rose arrived safely on Sunday 1st at 10am 🙂 She is gorgeous and we are absolutely besotted.

My waters broke just before midnight and by 3am my surges were strong and we had to make our way in to Homerton. I was a little worried we were going in too soon but we were glad we did when we were told I was already 9cm dilated! Straight in the pool for me!

From the get go I had your relaxations on my headphones and I put on an eye mask for the cab which actually never came off!! Both these things really helped to keep me in the zone….

After being in the pool for 4.5 hours however it became apparent I needed to change tact as she hadn’t progressed as we all had hoped and was in the birth canal for quite some time. I therefore had to get out and be examined and the midwife advised I needed to use some more powerful pushing techniques to move her down.

I think this could have been a moment when I lost focus as the adrenalin really started to kick in. So I went back to the breath and some calming music and managed to stay tuned into the essence of hypnobirthing. Therefore, whilst it wasnt quite the quiet breathing down I was expecting, within an hour she had arrived and we have been completely in love ever since….

In terms of her temperament, she is pretty chilled (so far!!) and loves hearing some of the music I played during my pregnancy. She also feeds really well and has already put on weight! All in all a happy baby.

Alex and I therefore wanted to say a huge thank you for all your advice and support which helped us achieve the birth we really wanted.

K & Ax

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