We are delighted to announce the birth of our son, Theodore Emmanuel, currently known as Teddy. He joined us late in the evening on Thursday 16 March, weighing in at 9lb 4.

Teddy pushed it to the max! We managed to persuade them to leave me alone until week 42 – I had a sweep at 41 +5 on the premise that they could bring me in for an induction at 42 weeks. I had the show at 41+6 so things were moving along fine on their own but in we went at 42 weeks for the induction. 

I had a propess pessary at 7pm on the Wednesday which started working very quickly to my surprise – about an hour later the surges were 4 minutes apart and Teddy didn’t arrive until 30 hours later so it was quite a long journey! 

Our breathing techniques – and a lot of gas and air and James’s support – helped me get to 7cm dilated by about mid afternoon the following day. It was the first all nighter I’ve done not at a party or working on a deal! Luckily there is a great view from the hospital and it was a beautiful sunrise. By the next afternoon I was struggling to keep breathing/not be sick so ended up having an epidural but was so pleased to have got that far without one and the medics gave me assurance that by that point it shouldn’t slow things down/result in a c-section. The final three centimetres were a breeze! And then two hours of pushing but he was not up for coming out – a combination of a decent sized head and having the cord wrapped around his neck three times over meant he was banging his head and getting stuck…so we ended up with forceps and an episiotomy but he made it out ok! Weirdly enough the cord was about two metres long! The medics took a photo as they’d never seen anything like it! I wonder if that’s why he was spinning around so much using the cord as a skipping rope in my tummy!

The staff said many times how impressed they were with how calm James and I were throughout it all – testament to your classes and hypnobirthing for sure. It wasn’t quite the birthing pool experience we had hoped for but we made it and played a lot of lovely music all the way through – including a lot of the playlists I made for our wedding which now feel like the theme tunes for Teddy’s birth! We are all safe and well – James was the best DadDoula on the planet – and we are so happy to have Teddy with us.

It was tough not being able to follow our preferences but all carefully considered and we were as happy as could be given how it all unravelled. I’m very happy for you to share my note. It’s not a perfectly polished rendition but hopefully helpful to others in any case. It was definitely a positive experience overall, despite the tough bits. With it being so long, I have plenty of happy hours to remember listening to good tunes and being with James, making the most of the gas and air and wondering whether we’d be welcoming a boy or a girl. 

Thank you for the recordings too! We will get listening to those…Teddy loves the hypno recordings!

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