Ritual Celebrations

The ‘Turning of the Wheel’ describes the movement through the passage of the year in native European cosmology.

The eight ‘hinges’ of the wheel mark the significant seasonal shifts in Earth-based, Elemental, Lunar and Solar energies, that provide gateways for deep spiritual practice and are traditionally engaged with through ritual. These junctures in the earth’s cycle are recognised and celebrated across all ancient traditions. When we engage with these potent cyclical gateways we reconnect with nature and our place within the whole.

By exploring the traditions of these turns and finding our own connections, it doesn’t make us ‘a pagan’ nor ‘a witch’ nor is it in conflict with any ideology or faith we may hold. (I have never been one for labels personally!).

Acknowledging the Wheel of the Year, ensures right order as well as puts to use the gateways that open at these special times, allowing for inspiration, guidance and renewal. Engagement connects us with the seasons, cycles and creative forces that bring us to bear and that ripple through our bodies, minds, hearts, spirits and lives.

It’s a beautiful way to deep dive beneath the frantic, endless pace of survival and striving and take a deep pause to re-set.

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