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Summer Solstice Meditation

Summer Solstice Meditation



Four times a year the solstices and equinoxes remind me of the cycles of change. As a lover of light, I always look forward to the long days of summer. The summer solstice arrives this coming Friday 21st June and it’s a wonderful opportunity to garner and focus energy for the next half of the year.

In Pagan tradition this day is known as Litha, and it represents a balancing point of the year, one between light and dark. Litha was a celebration of the time to find balance between fire and water. Balance is what we all seek and at the two Solstice points of the year  we are offered access to a powerful window of self-reflection, one which our ancestors have historically viewed as sacred and holy.

We find ancient celebrations and tributes to solstice and equinox in all the far reaches of the world, from the Aztec and Mayan pyramids of Mexico and Latin America, to the Incas of Peru, the Celtic ruins of ancient Britain and the Egyptian pyramids, to name a few. It’s everywhere in our history, no matter where our ancestors hail from.

To me, the Summer Solstice is a bridge between the first and last halves of the year; it is the moment of truth where I assess how my year is going. If 2019 isn’t quite turning out the way I intended, this is the time to ask, “What can I do now to change the outcome of this year?” or “Where am I holding myself back in reaching my goals?” It’s a time of reflection on the first half and planning for the second.

The energy of the Summer Solstice brings courage, passion, enthusiasm, fearlessness and confidence. For me, it screams of adventure, relaxation and freedom. It’s the feeling of looking into a future which holds infinite possibility. It’s a time of great anticipation—anything seems possible!

The summer solstice is one of most powerful days of the year for self realisation to tap into the radiant energy of abundance and to help you do this I’ve created a summer solstice meditation for you. Designed to replenish and nourish your energies and bring deep intuitive insight to the second half of the year for you, I hope you enjoy it listening and using it as much as I have creating it.


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