Lammas Meditation




On August 1st we celebrate Lammas in the Northern hemisphere – It is the first of the three autumn harvest festivals, the other two being the autumn equinox (also called Mabon) and Samhain. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh as it celebrates the Celtic Sun God Lugh. 

Lammas is primarily a thanksgiving holiday to celebrate the harvest, when each person gives thanks for the things and blessings in their lives.  The fields are now glowing gold with corn and wheat and the reaping will soon begin. Lammas is the celebration of this first grain harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. The harvest period will continue until Samhain when the last stores for the winter months would be put away.

The word Lammas actually means ‘Loaf Mas’ – to celebrate the harvest it is traditional to cook and eat bread. It is also traditional to make a corn dolly for protection throughout the winter months and to bring luck to the home…  

You might like to make time for yourself to honour this time and celebrate the abundance in your life with a special hypnotic meditation I have recorded for you. Download it today and start the day filled with energy and gratitude.


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