Winter Solstice Meditation


The Winter Solstice celebration takes place in the middle of the dark months, at the sun’s lowest point in the sky. Also known as the shortest day, where we experience the least amount of daylight hours, this midwinter festival is a time to rejoice in the coming longer days and the return of the light.  It has more of a feel of the new year about it and indeed some cultures celebrate the solstice as the year end and beginning.

It’s a time to take stock of the last year. An extraordinary year.

Here is a Winter Solstice ritual to support you in reflecting on the year gone by, release what no longer serves and reignite that inner spark that is your passion.


Winter calls us to pause, to come inside, to cultivate warmth, and to rest.  It’s a call to balance the “doing” with “resting” and the “hurrying” with “slowing down.” It’s a call inside – inside our homes and inside our own self.

I’m sure you, like me, are more than ready to lay to rest all the worries, and the cares of the old year. We can look forward to ushering in the hope and promise of a brand new year, a brand new chapter in our lives.

The solstice is actually a time of renewal. A perfect opportunity to rest, to nourish and to also acknowledge and embrace the darkness, to tune into instinct.

Life can be so busy that we rarely have opportunity to listen to or hear instinct,

Creating space for yourself with time for ritual, reflection and deep rest, you can let your inner wisdom guide you more clearly away from the distractions of every day life.

With the a pdf for guided reflection and a 30 minute deeply hypnotic recording, the invitation here is to reflect and rest deeply, to give your heart the space to speak to you, to listen to your body and honour what it needs. Here we can reignite your inner spark, your passion to move forward into a new year re-energised and re-charged.


A note about the music

Composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke the music for this Samhain meditation is spacious, ambient and majestic. With sacred mantra chanting, temple bells, angelic choirs and sweeping orchestral sounds, you are called into attendance – ready to begin your journey within.

The background music to the meditation itself has been designed to encourage deep relaxation and inducing hypnagogic states of consciousness. Frequencies embedded within the music play a part in slowing your brainwave activity and relaxing you physically, mentally and emotionally. A slow delta wave pulses gently in the low bass range of the music, while deep alpha waves oscillating within the bell sounds help to bring your mind into relaxed focus.

Headphones are highly recommended to experience full benefits.



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