Hypnobirthing+ for caesarean birth

Hypnobirthing+ for caesarean birth


Bring the power of hypnobirthing+ to your caesarean birth.

Whether you are planning an elective caesarean or it becomes the preferred way for your baby to be born during labour, this instantly downloadable offering means can begin your preparation weeks or just hours before birth.



Obviously, natural birth is optimal whenever it is possible but sometimes the best way for a baby to be born is by caesarean and we can be very grateful we have the skill and technology to do so safely. You may be surprised by how much involvement you can have with a surgical birth – if you’re not aware of your options you don’t have any – this digital pack will allow you to bring the power of hypnobirthing to the birth of your baby by caesarean.

Contains a 20 page e-book detailing how you can prepare for a gentle, more family centred caesarean birth, including suggestions for your “birth plan”, when and how to have a caesarean birth and how to prepare for a quick recovery in your “baby moon”.

Includes six hypnosis recordings for preparation and healing.

“Daily affirmations for caesarean birth” – a shorter mp3d for a power nap and longer one for a real rest
“Preparation for caesarean birth”
“Hypno-healing after caesarean birth”
“Post birth affirmations” – a shorter mp3d for a power nap and a longer one for a real rest.

You may be feeling comfortable, positive, maybe even relieved at the idea of a caesarean birth; you may be feeling upset and grieving the loss of experiencing birth in a more natural way. Either way it’s important to prepare for the birth of your child emotionally, physically and practically and I’m thrilled to be able to support you at this very special time in your life.

1 review for Hypnobirthing+ for caesarean birth

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Thank you for creating an inspiring course for mothers who need to have a caesarian rather than a natural birth.
    Jay x

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