Chamomile Floral Water Mist

Chamomile Floral Water Mist


Soothing, relaxing and calming for the skin. Mild and safe for use on babies’ skin and around pets to calm and soothe.

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Soothing, relaxing and calming for the skin, chamomile water is produced as a result of the production of Roman Chamomile oil production.

Roman Chamomile floral water is so mild it is ideal for use in baby preparations for direct skin, bath water or pillow spray use. Useful as an active ingredient in homemade wipes for babies and young children as it is gentle on the hands, face and sore bottoms!

This floral water can also be used as a wonderful calmer for pets in stressful situations, sprayed in the environment around them when going to the vets, in thunder storms or when they experience fear.

Wonderfully cooling it’s great for warm birthing rooms and warm summer months!

This floral water is alcohol and preservative free.


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