A little Bag of Confidence


A unique gift for a loved one who’s pregnant, it’s the perfect introduction to hypnobirthing.

A cotton drawstring bag holds:

  • a copy of the book “Why Hypnobirthing Matters” by Katrina Berry
  • an introductory playlist of hypnobirthing recordings to accompany the reading including affirmations and a relaxation and
  • a Relaxation Wand from Neals Yard Remedies to anchor feelings of calm confidence to aromatic essential oils.


£20 for a whole bag of confidence, includes p&p to you or direct to your mama-to-be with a lil note from you.


“‘I’ve been recommended lots of books whilst pregnant, but none have come close to this. It provides such a good insight into the world of hypno-birthing and covers everything you could want to know leading up to the birth. It has helped me alter the way I think about birth and the choices that I have. I feel so much more informed, positive and prepared through reading it.”

***** Amazon customer

“I’m converted! Changed my way of thinking completely! I am not at all scared or apprehensive for my upcoming birth. Great introduction as to why hypnobirthing is so important and also makes it very easy to explain to others what hypnobirthing actually is.”

***** Rosie

“My partner and I found this book to be the perfect introduction to hypnobirthing. It’s written in a completely accessible way, not too scientific but with enough facts and studies to allow you to really understand the process of hypnobirthing and how to approach the practice of it. It all really is so obvious when you read it and totally makes sense – I am a total convert to hypnobirthing and so is my sceptical partner! We couldn’t have had our lovely, calm birth without this book and Kat’s knowledge.”

***** Olivia


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