Hi Katrina,

This is a very delayed email to not only inform you that our daughter Emily was born, but also to thank you. Your hypnobirthing course had a massive impact on our birth experience and so we are very grateful to you. I have provided brief details of our birthing story and how your course helped us below so that you can share our experience, if you want, to encourage other people to do your course.

Emily was born on 6 August 2017, which was one day before her due date, with minimal intervention. However, if we had followed our hospital’s policy it is likely that she would have been born earlier and our birthing story would be completely different. 

As our pregnancy was an IVF pregnancy, the hospital advised us that we should induce at 39 weeks. As a result of your course, we had the confidence to consider the hospital’s policy to induce at this stage carefully and ultimately decided to wait until 40 weeks before we would consider this as an option. I am so glad we made this decision as it not only meant that Emily came when she was ready, which was really important to us, but it also allowed us to have the majority of the labour at home, which made a huge difference to our birthing experience. Please see attached a picture of the ‘birthing room’ my husband, Anton, made for me. As you can see, we had a very relaxed environment at home. If we had proceeded with the induction, I understand that we would have been required to be in the hospital for an extended period of time, which would have meant that I would have laboured in a very different environment and we would not have been able to do certain things that really helped with my labour eg. I had a bath while my husband and I watched athletics when my labour was quite progressed. 

My labour started at about 8:00 on a Saturday morning. Given that we were feeling calm and confident, because we felt well informed given the content of your course, we decided to go ahead with our brunch plans that had been scheduled for that morning. At about 11:00, when the contractions became more intense, we left our friends that we had been having brunch with and headed home. The labour then continued without incident and we phoned the midwife when I was in active labour at about 16:00. It was a very calm experience. 

At about 20:00 my water broke and our midwife, Francine (who was incredible) from Homerton Hospital Home Birthing team arrived. I got into the pool at about 22:00, which was a huge help with the labour. At about 23:30 Francine checked me and I was fully dilated. However, at this point unfortunately Francine noticed that there was meconium in Emily’s waters and advised us to go to hospital. We followed this advice and transferred. The journey was pretty bumpy and my contractions started to slow as a result. When we got to the hospital the whole environment changed. The first thing the doctor said was “this baby needs to come out now” and advised me to have an epidural given that it was her view that it appeared likely that she would need to use forceps or ventouse to deliver Emily. Because of your course, we had the confidence to ask her whether there were any other options and whether they could give me a chance to labour on my own without intervention. We also asked that the lights be turned off. We agreed that they would give me synthetic oxcytocin to try and get my contractions going again and then give me 20 minutes to see whether I could progress the labour. However, if I could not do it within this time then we would have to consider other options. 

I am very pleased to say that I managed to give birth to Emily with no further intervention about 45 minutes later and I had minimal tearing (I had 2 stitches on my labia). It was only because of the content of your course that we asked for additional time to try and let me labour without further intervention. Therefore, if we had not done the course it is likely that I would have had an epidural and forceps would have been used, which I understand increases the risk of tearing. 

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your course really changed our birthing experience as we had the tools to make choices that resulted in a calm labour with minimal intervention. I would therefore recommend your course to anyone.
I hope this email find you well! 

Much love

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