As everything is vibrating, so are we. Sometimes we can become out of tune in either mind, body or spirit and dis-ease can start to take hold. Through the healing frequencies of sound therapy our bodies can be brought back in tune and we can begin to feel healthy and balanced once more.

Come and feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of a therapeutic Sound Bath. Using Planetary Gong, chakra tuned Crystal Singing Bowls and other instrument’s rich harmonic frequencies you will be bathed in sound while you switch off, feeling the stresses and strains of the day melting away.

What is a sound bath?

Sound has the power to change not just our emotional and spiritual wellbeing, but our physical wellbeing too. Sound baths offer the intention of healing mind, body and emotions, as well as the transformation of consciousness, itself a path to wellbeing.

When conducted with relaxation in mind therapeutic sound sessions can reduce blood pressure and heart rate and relax the autonomic nervous system. Furthermore, the session can slow down our brainwaves, taking them from an awake and alert state to a more altered, deeply meditative state. The result is a lovely, drifty feeling, like the one we might feel just before we are about to go to sleep, which brings health benefits that enable us to be better able to respond openly to the demands of everyday life.

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What happens during a Sound Bath?

The wonderful thing about sound therapy is that there is nothing you need do. The instruments and your body work together so every session will be experienced differently as your body takes what it needs that day.

All that is required of you is to lie back and receive the balancing resonant sounds from crystal singing bowls, gong, and other therapeutic sound healing instruments.

These sounds have the potential to relax, realign and restore you on all levels and all you need to do is get comfortable and be open to absorbing them as they take you on a magical journey. You are free to relax and drift off where the sound takes you.

Wow. Just wow. 

I feel like I floated out of your house so not sure I properly thanked you. I’m gliding my way through the day.

You’re a legend!

Our session was so deeply relaxing.

I literally feel like a new woman!

Where can I bathe?

Regular community sound baths are held on the last Thursday of every month, 8 - 9pm at

Yoga Shala, Melton Mowbray

A warm, beautiful space on Burton Street, Melton Mowbray. All materials are provided including yoga mats, blankets and blocks. You're welcome to bring a cushion and additional blanket if you want to be extra comfy!

We patiently await being able to come together safely in this wonderful studio - more news as I have it.


These beautiful studio spaces have been carefully selected for their soulful energy. They are limited in spaces so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.

I will be adding more venues and offerings as I find the right opportunities...

Lunchtime sound baths are held on the last Friday of every month, 12.15pm - 1.15pm at

Burrough Court Studio, LE14 2QS

A beautiful studio in the heart of the countryside. With easy access, plenty of free parking and a wonderful coffee shop on site, this is a real treat to replenish and reset your energy and get your weekend off to a fabulous start!

I can provide mats, but if you are able to bring your own stuff to be comfy that would be super helpful!

Book directly through this site

Upcoming dates:

Friday 30th October - BOOK HERE

Friday 27th November - BOOK HERE

Want a private Sound Bath?

Private sessions for you, your family or a group of friends can be arranged at your home.

A 60 minute sound healing session is £75.

{Depending on your location, an additional cost may be incurred for travel time}