I have been sharing hypnobirthing since the beginning of 2009 and have seen perception and awareness of it grow and change in the 14 years since then.

There are a few different "brands" of using hypnosis for birth and lots of people claiming they offer 'hypnobirthing' now that it has increased in awareness - there's no regulations so it's important you research who you choose to work with at this important chapter in your life.

I believe it's important to work with the person in front of me and so bring my experience as a doula, clinical hypnotherapist, CBT counsellor, mindfulness teacher and aromatherapist to offer a truly holistic antenatal preparation course.

That's why it's Hypnobirthing+

What is hypnobirthing+?

Sometimes it’s easier to say what hypnobirthing ISN’T!

  • it isn’t just relaxation.
  • It isn’t just about natural birth.
  • It isn’t woo woo, hippy trippy nonsense.

It IS grounded in science - you will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles and hormones work in perfect harmony - as they were designed to - when your body is sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth.

It IS rational - you will discover how what's happening in your mind affects the physiology of your bodiy; and how to train that human mind of yours to work FOR you.

It IS for EVERY kind of birth experience - understanding your options opens them up. Making decisions based on intuitive intelligence means a calm, confident birth wherever and whenever.

It IS MORE than just for birth - this conversation, these skills we practice; it’s for mums and dads, it’s for all of us to use in life, work, play, the challenges and the opportunities in life

It IS using hypnotic tools - hence the HYPNO of hypnobirthing. This preparation goes much further than other antenatal preparation precisely because of the use of hypnosis. We work with both the conscious and the unconscious parts of the mind.

I’m a geek for the why of things and I appreciate you may be too. You can expect me to talk about neuroplasticity and all the latest scientific understandings of how the mind and body work. You can expect me, however, to also talk about lunar cycles and channeling goddesses; I’ll probably mention how my grandmother was a witch and how women are like wolves too!

"I'm really glad I did the HypnoBirthing course. It's not rocket science, in fact it's all pretty much common sense, but as with many similar life-changing processes it really helps to talk through the subject thoroughly with someone who has the time. Having done the course, I genuinely feel no fear or panic in the run up to the birth, and I also feel very well informed, which considering I was completely clueless when the pregnancy test came out positive, is impressive. It was interesting to compare myself with some other mothers-to-be recently. Many of them were booked in for caesareans or thought I was mad for putting myself in a drug-free environment, and I felt rather sorry for them, and definitely sure that my way is the best choice for me."

“Hypnobirthing is the best way to experience the exceptional design of the human body. It gives you the correct tools to switch off the unhelpful voices and switch on the expert in you. There’s no going back from there. Kat Berry has eloquently and succinctly explained everything you need to know. A great read.”
Jacqui Tomkins, Chair of Independent Midwives UK (IMUK)

Who is HypnoBirthing+ suitable for?

It’s for everyone!

Seriously, whether this is your first or sixth baby, it helps women who are scared of birth because they've never done it before, who are fearful because of a bad experience last time, or who just want a calmer, easier, more natural birth experience. We all bring the benefits and wisdom of previous experiences, and the baggage and beliefs that come from previous experiences too. Hypnobirthing+ is a chance to explore what our minds are saying to us and how our bodies are responding.

Hypnobirthing+ is not about a particular kind of birth, it’s about a particular kind of woman approaching birth. A strong, determined woman making good decisions for her and her child; not based on fear but information and instinct.

It doesn’t require any particular belief system, or prior experience. I have worked with women with IVF pregnancy, placenta praevia, obstetric cholestasis, gestational diabetes, "advanced maternal age" (drives me mad that expression!) and all manner of circumstances. Every woman's pregnancy and birth is unique and this approach helps everyone.

"It's really funny how pregnancy throws curveballs at you. When you had previously read us those lovely stories of how hypnobirthing had worked for some couples either through adversity or just as a tool for birth, I genuinely couldn't imagine us being in a situation where hypnosis would be *so* helpful. We now have a renewed belief and understanding of how hypnobirthing can help a very hospital related experience. The confidence and belief and element of control over the situation is hugely beneficial."


When's the best time to do hypnobirthing+?

I have tailored hypnosis and mindfulness recordings to support you right from the first trimester. I'm a strong believer in doing the course early so you have plenty of time to absorb the information and for it to become second nature rather than to have it fresh in your mind. I always recommend starting sooner rather than later, if at all possible.

Hypnobirthing+ is about SOOOO MUCH MORE than the day your baby is born. The approach and techniques we share will help you enjoy your pregnancy all the more, and I'm regularly told how much it's helped both mum and dad sleep, work and live better.

Once you're conscious of the fact that this is YOUR birth, YOUR baby and YOUR body, and that you have many options and all decisions are yours to make, it opens up possibilities you may not yet be aware of. So starting sooner means a more enjoyable pregnancy and plenty of time of practice and absorb - key with hypnosis training. It also allows you to be aware of your options and start putting in place what will best help you through birth and beyond. All of this takes time.

Having said that, I had one couple who gave birth after attending just the first of four classes and told me how helpful it had been (!), so the real answer is that hypnobirthing always helps, but you do run the risk if you leave it too late, that the baby will arrive first, and then you'll wish you had done it sooner. It's worth also mentioning energy levels. The ease and flexibility of joining online from your own home is wonderful but even so, beginning a six week course when you're heavily pregnant and feeling more tired and wanting to retreat can be challenging - worth bearing in mind.

"First and foremost, thank you for helping us all to approach the most important day in our lives with more confidence and with a deeper, better and more instinctive understanding. Solange and I enjoyed the evenings - we learned, we met lovely people, we grew in courage, we had fun, and, last but not least, we loved your cakes.

From a male perspective, my attitude has changed. I understand my role better and understand it's importance. We would recommend the approach to our friends and quote you in particular. One can discern your passion and dedication, backed up by your knowledge."


Do dads come too?

Absolutely! Everything we discuss throughout the course is relevant to every single one of us, whether pregnant or not (perineal massage may be an exception to this, although partners can help with this too!). Learning how to calm your nervous system, to ground your emotions and to integrate a helpful way of thinking are life skills for every single one of us. I have many partners tell me they're using the philosophy and techniques which have helped them work more effectively, sleep better and even pass driving tests!

Having a supportive partner who understands what helps and hinders the birth process and is confident in their role to support birth is integral to a positive birth experience which is why I have hypnosis sessions specifically recorded for expectant and new fathers. I find that some men beginning the course with me may not be quite sure why they’re there or indeed what they’re coming to. It’s these very same people who by the end of the course are driving everybody around them crazy as they extol the merits of hypnobirthing.

"Hypnobirthing didn’t just change everything for us as a couple, it changed everything for me when it came to being a birth partner. We genuinely had a lovely day during our birth and that was because we felt in control and ready in a way we never would have done if we’d not embraced hypnobirthing and gone into it thinking “we can do this”.
You do need to work at it – it’s not enough to just read the book, you literally need to give your birth some thought – but for us giving birth was genuinely a day that wasn’t just great because we had our lovely son, it was also a really interesting experience to go through that even contained some proper laughs. And I think that if you spend your day feeling like you can have a giggle when you’re having a baby then you’re probably doing okay…"


What can I expect to receive?

  • Practical tools to keep you and your birth partner super calm and confident during labour. So that you can even ENJOY your birth, feel in control and be totally empowered throughout! Emerging into parenthood with an understanding of your great strength!
  • An understanding of how your mind works (sometimes against your best interests) and how you can use self hypnosis tools to train your brain for powerful change in all aspects of life
  • Tools and information for your birth partner to be a solid rock throughout pregnancy and birth, providing and protecting a safe space for you to grow and bring forth your baby (plus they’ll understand WHY this is so important)
  • Calm confidence so you can deal with any twists and turns that may happen during pregnancy and birth so you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your family
  • Confidence to navigate the NHS system, hospital policies and guidelines and figure out what matters to YOU
  • Space to consider and prepare for the post natal, settling in period and ongoing support to help you parent

"Classes are packed with useful practical and myth-busting information. Even coming at the end of busy working days they flew past and left me looking forward to the next one. The classes left me looking forward to the birth of my baby with much less fear and anxiety than before and with a sense of anticipation, excitement, curiosity and confidence that I and my husband will face the unfolding of this birthing adventure with an open and calm mind."


"We went for dinner with some friends last night- another couple whose baby is due 11 days after mine. The mother to be talked of how she was avoiding looking into birth options and admitted that anxiety was beginning to seep in to her consciousness and she knew she would have to face it at some point. She is going to NCT classes but I know now, after having been to both, NCT was interesting but it would NOT have helped us prepare anything like in the way you have. I just tell anyone and everyone now - hypnobirthing is the way forward! I also know that we were very lucky in having you as our teacher though - that makes a big difference too."


"We got from you so much more than was in the book. Your honest and frank approach, the way you shared your experiences rather than just teaching the hypnobirthing course to the letter. I also think you did an amazing job of creating a space where people could talk openly and honestly within a relatively short space of time."

KatBerry - 4

A gift from me to you!

Download your FREE 35 minute deeeeeeply relaxing hypnosis session for pregnancy here

Working with you in the way that works for you

Sessions are held live online in our own zoom room. Engaging in these transformational conversations and practices in your own home contextualises the approach to the place where, hopefully, you’ll spend much if not all your birthing time and enhances being able to visualise it in your own space. We’ve also found the ease and flexibility allowing folks to dial in from wherever they are without being tied to a location is invaluable.

The group course will return in 2024, with the publication of the revised and updated 'Why Hypnobirthing Matters'.

In the meantime I am, mostly, focussing on tailored one-to-one support. I have options to suit everyone.

"I know just what I want"

One private session

Perhaps you want to boost confidence, a chance to go through your birth preferences, a quick hypnobirthing top-up, or you feel that you are one switch away from the change you want? You just need to flick a switch in your brain or brush up on some tools. 

Sometimes when you know what you want to do it takes a recalibration, and help, to focus both consciously and unconsciously on your intention. This one-off 90 minute session is a chance to turn a page and make the tweaks needed.

A hypnosis audio-track will keep you on track.

Price £225

Three is the magic number

Three private sessions

If you've done hypnobirthing before or don't have time for a full course then this is the option for you. 

In these three sessions we'll debrief previous experiences, discuss affirmations, how and why they work and what yours might be, I’ll have you think about what feelings and qualities you want to strengthen within and how we can anchor that to all of your senses for birth. We will explore mindfulness of body and breathwork for birth (and life), massage for quick endorphin release and intense surges. We will explore your birth preferences and plans for the 'fourth trimester'.

You will have access to a bespoke playlist of hypnosis and mindfulness recordings to support you.

Price: £550

Embracing Change

The full 12 hour hypnobirthing+ course

This is the gold standard, personalised private support for those engaging with hypnobirthing for the first time. 12 hours together (6 sessions of 2 hours scheduled to suit you) to talk through and practice every aspect of hypnobirthing preparation so you feel fully calm and confident through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

This comprehensive course has been curated over 14 years of teaching hypnobirthing to thousands of expectant parents and includes 40+ hypnosis and mindfulness audio recordings, a tailored journal and copy of "Why Hypnobirthing Matters".

You will also have my ongoing support throughout your pregnancy.

Price: £950

"Hypnobirthing with Kat remains the best money we have spent on our baby. I am beyond grateful that we signed up."


Done hypnobirthing before?

Life is different with your second or third pregnancy, right?

You look longingly back at the time you had in your first pregnancy to talk things over, dream and imagine, take a bath, go to yoga and engage with your hypnobirthing practice. Now there might be times when you even forget that you're pregnant!

If you're expecting another baby and have done a hypnobirthing course before, I offer a personal approach to bringing it to life again for you now. We can get together online for one, two or a few private sessions. We'll debrief your first birth, bringing the benefit of hindsight forward and addressing and leaving behind anything that concerns you.  We'll explore your options and desires this time around and get creative with how you practice hypnobirthing in a busy life.

These private sessions are often more therapeutic in nature which gives us chance to bring my CBT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy training to you specifically. You’ll have access to the 40+ hypnosis and mindfulness recordings I offer those doing the full course with me and following our session/s I will send an email with tailored resources to support you moving forward.

Drop me a line and let's get you back in the swing of things!

"Thank you for your guidance and support over the years with our pregnancies and births. Meeting you and learning about hypnobirthing has helped us to have beautiful - albeit very different - birth experiences.

Going into both births, we felt confident, informed and empowered. We treasure both sets of memories and we’re so grateful for your role in helping us feel calm, relaxed and informed."


"I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to speak with you and I felt very emotional thinking how you have been with us for the whole journey of 3 children. You have definitely helped me/ us in ways you’ll never know and been with us in some of the most intense moments of our lives. A positive, energising, inspiring force."


Investment in the environment

Any materials I produce are all made with sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials. Essential oils are organic and ethically sourced.

In celebration of supporting a thousand babies with hypnobirthing I have partnered up with Tree Sisters to give back to Mother Nature & embed restoration within Berry and Bloom's ethos.

What does this mean?

This means that for every hypnobirthing course booked, a tree will be planted in the Berry & Bloom forest.

Not only are you investing in your own growth, but you’re helping to build forests & improve communities, too!


"Congratulations on celebrating yours and our achievements with trees - I can't think of a better way, more life that supports further life!"

"Hooray for Kat! Hooray for trees! Hooray for babies!"

There are currently:
tress in the Berry & Bloom forest.

It's rarely needed but terms & conditions of bookings can be found here...