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To be feminine or to tune into maternal instinct is sometimes mistakenly thought of (in a patriarchal society) to be soft, pliable, pastel coloured. Nothing could be further from the truth. Try taking a newborn gorilla away from its mother and you’ll quickly see what maternal instinct really looks like!

Whilst being off work sick last week the only thing I could bear as a soothing distraction was watching Blue Planet or Planet Earth. Any nature documentary will show you just how fierce the feminine can be and we do well to tap into it.

What gets your feeling fierce and feminine this Friday?

For me, most recently (and I’ll get back to them when my energy is fully replenished), it’s channelling Kali Ma and her bad-ass, take no shit, cut through the crap divinity (more on her later this advent) and old school Blondie, Kate Bush and Martha Wainwright tunes!

#advent #affirmation #hypnotherapy #positivity #choosethepositive #braintraining #hypnobirthing #cbt #acceptanceandcommitmenttherapy #birth #pregnancy #parenting #motherhood #createyourlife

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