Hey Kat!

THANK YOU! Our baby boy decide to break my waters five weeks early, and I ended up being induced at UCLH after experiencing zilch contractions for a good few days afterwards. (The original “birth preference” was to give birth at home in a pool…!)

And the experience was WONDERFUL. Truly wonderful. Thanks to hypnobirthing, we were able to go with the flow and confidently make new decisions as we went along. I had an epidural before being induced, which meant I was able to sleep, chat and watch movies through two days of contractions (“Contractions? I’m having contractions?”) – and Rob could relax during the pushing stage, knowing I wasn’t in pain or exhausted. 

There were a couple of hairy moments (e.g. the baby’s heart rate dropped, and suddenly eight doctors were in the room and I was signing a consent form in case I needed a c-section), but we remained calm and were able to trust both our instincts and the marvellous midwives who’d looked after us throughout the night. 

The only annoying thing? I’d become SO good at keeping my muscles relaxed and tension-free as a result of your guidance, but the midwives kept telling me I needed to tense everything up so that I could push properly! Grrrr!

After the birth, my placenta would. not. budge. So I found myself in theatre for 1.5 hours while they tried to unstick the darn thing from my uterus. That particular experience was worse than labour, but again: I managed to not overthink or worry about it, knowing it wouldn’t be in any way helpful to do so. 

Frederick Zeno Dix (Zeno was the founder of Stoicism) was born on 18/1/18, and he’s the cutest, most hilarious and delightful baby ever. He was in intensive care for a while, but now he’s home, healthy, and farting like they’re going out of fashion. 

Thank you so much for helping us go into the whole thing in the best frame of mind possible. I hope everything’s going well at the Well Garden. I miss that cosy room and those yummy treats! 

Thank you so much again. Seriously: you’re amazing.
Mish xxx

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