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"I've been talking a lot about you in the last few weeks. Two of my closest friends have recently had babies where the birth was very complicated and involved, lots of medical intervention. They have both spoken about feeling resentful to their hypnobirthing teachers and hypnobirthing as a whole for selling them a pup. What seems to have been the common thread was that they did courses over just one weekend and there was little depth in the teaching. For me and George the sessions felt more like group therapy and a safe place to really focus on the transition from a couple into parents. The hypnobirthing part was a part of the sessions but didn't focus on a serene birth but more hypnobirthing techniques no matter the birth.

Anyway wanted to let you know how much I've been thinking of you and how much you meant to us and helped give us a space to think and talk during that magical time.

Millions of thanks"

Liza, George and baby Rafa

"Thank you so much for all you have done for us over this past month. I feel like I have learnt so much, and can honestly say that I am looking forward to giving birth. I have absolutely loved your sessions, which have felt so intimate and supportive. You are a wonderful teacher, and I feel very lucky to have found you and to have had the opportunity to prepare for birth and motherhood in this way. Thank you so much. Your generosity and genuine sense of caring is very special, and we are extremely grateful."

Jess and Geirmund

"We absolutely love listening to the baby moon recordings; to be honest the after birth affirmations always make me cry for some reason they make me totally emotional. But it's always a happy cry and gives me such a relief so just love it.

We loved your sessions, your approach, your words and voice which were/are with us in the most important parts of our lives.

Thank you for giving both of us the confidence to have Leo's birth the most beautiful (hardest sometimes:-)) experience.

Dora & Pete

"I wanted to say how much Jonny and I enjoyed your course. You really opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about birth, and I know that your voice will be in our heads calming us down on the day 🙂 We've recently finished NCT as wanted to meet some people locally - it felt a lot like school after your sessions, and we missed your style and charisma!!"


10 years ago today you helped Dave and I bring our beautiful boy Elliot in to the world. After a difficult experience during the birth of our first son, Casper, your kindness, forethought and wisdom was essential in shaping the way things progressed when Elliot came and I am so grateful to you for that. 

I think about you often and about the things that you did for me during the pregnancy and at the birth. It was so reassuring to have you there guiding me and reassuring me. You found me a bed when there was none available, you got the sheets out of the cupboard and made the bed yourself so that I could have a space to be that wasn’t a corridor or a waiting room. After that you found us a room where we could all be and helped me to focus on my breathing. You put beautiful music on and scented oils filled the room, making it less clinical and more of a special, safe place to birth. Your energy in the room, kind words, reassuring me, guiding me made all the difference. 

You made us a chocolate cake afterwards too and brought us photographs of Elliot’s first moments. His tiny feet all crumpled are still by the bed today. 

You said that every one deserves to be treated like a princess when they are birthing and I said that everyone needs a Kat! 

I tell Elliot about you and about how he came in to world. He’s 10 today and I know that after us you have gone on to guide and support so many other women with their births. I just wanted you to know how special you are and what a difference you have made. Thank you so much. 

Lots of love,

Sara, Dave, Caspar & Elliot

"I found your sessions informative, reassuring and supportive. They were good opportunities to voice concerns and share anxieties I had, especially in connection with the NCT classes we're attending, which can sometimes be quite harrowing. Listening to your measured advice and guidance was a chance to exhale and soften my jaw, literally. I will be channeling you during the birth :-)"


"Thank you so much for all these resources and for such a lovely course. I really feel so much has started to shift for me in just 4 weeks and I am so grateful. This work is so so important as we navigate so many choices and opinions"


"I've been doing well lately. Feeling fierce. And strong. Your audio has been helping for those times when I feel less like a lion. But mostly I'm feeling so much stronger. I still use a lot of the grounding techniques that we did and just feeling so much calmer about things, faking it to make it. The power of your mind is something quite amazing. Thank you for helping reconnect with that side of myself. "


"When Sus and I found out she was pregnant my initial reaction was of great joy, but as the weeks went on my joy began to turn into fear and worry. It has been 10 years since I left the London Ambulance service and I have forgotten most of my clinical education. However, I still held on to the feeling that child birth was an obstetric/gynaecology emergency! You have guided me out of that mind set.

I feel far better equipped to support Sus on the journey of birth. My anxiety levels have decreased too. Thanks again for a wonderful class."


"I have been thinking a lot about our session and I just wanted to say a big thank you. I don't think you know (actually you probably do!) how much it helped to calm me down that day, and has since kept me level-headed and positive about his positioning ever since, despite him moving around like a monkey. I can't quite get over how profoundly amazing the hypnosis session felt and how everything fell into place in my head after seeing you."


"I would really recommend Hypnobirthing, and really recommend getting an introduction through Kat 🙂
It's incredible to feel some of the mental blocks dissolving and to generate a refreshed sense of confidence and centredness about the process - and ownership. This is our second child, and although some material is familiar, there has been lots about Kat's approach that brought a warm and valuable perspective to us without ever being preachy.
The space to think and feel oneself into the frame of mind of the birth you want to experience is invaluable, her wisdom and advice is spot on and useful for life around and beyond the birth too."


"I now can’t really remember how it feels to be panicky and scared about the prospect of birth and as a result have enjoyed this last stage of pregnancy more than any other time. I’m also pleasantly surprised at how involved and interested Chris has become in the process and I’m so happy he has such an important role to play.
I thought the first session was particularly good - getting all the facts and science straight up really helps immediately to dispel any suspicious that HB is some sort of wishy-washy hippy thing (I suspect especially for some of the more cynical fathers…) Chris and I will both be whole-heartedly recommending your course to anyone who’ll listen!"


"I feel so confident about labour now, I am possibly a bit over cocky! I just really fundamentally believe that I now can have a calm, peaceful, lovely birth experience, as opposed to probably every one I know who has given birth! I loved everything about class, so did Donald, he kept going on in the car on the way home about how time always flew, how easy you are to listen to, and he marvelled at your ability to speak for three hours just like you were having a chat and not lecturing or teaching. We did both really love it, it was informative, useful, helpful and light."


"Hypnobirthing remains the best money we have spent on our baby. I haven't even touched on how it empowered my hospital and blood phobic husband. I recommend it to anyone. It's not about whale music and a zen labour - it's about what's right for YOU and ensuring you have the tools and information to own the experience, however that may go."


"Damian and I are really so glad that we decide to take your hypnobirthing course. It's fair to say we both had some reservations before starting - one of the things that resonates the most with both of us is the reassurance that birth, as life can't always be predicted, but hypnobirthing is a tool we can use regardless. It is an attitude and perspective we both believe in that can help us to calmly work with the birth we are meant to have.

Feeling informed, and confident about the reasons for our preferences, we have been able to have sensible conversations with the medical team. Our midwives and consultant have treated me as 'high risk' due to previous medical history and abdominal surgery. The consultant was very respectful of our decision to hypnobirth and as a result has agreed to sign me off for a natural birth at the birth centre. The variation of daily practice Damian and I can do together and individually as we go about our day, makes the lead up to the birth of our baby relaxing and actually quite exciting rather than filled with unspoken dread.
Thank you so much for all of the information and for how you approach it."


"It's Michelle here - I came to your Monday evening sessions in June. (I was the terrified one :)) I had my little girl, Ella Rose, on the 10th of August - naturally and with thanks to hynobirthing and thanks to you! I didn't scream and I wasn't scared (hard to believe I know) It was hard work though! James knew exactly what to do to support me - reminding me to relax my jaw and breath and the other things you taught us. Thank you so much Kat - I am so glad we did the course with you - It kept me calm and positive all the way up and through the birth."


"It is no exaggeration when I say you had an incredibly profound and positive impact on us all while I was pregnant. We loved our hypno course and hugely appreciate all the advice and support you gave outside of it. I remain convinced that the calm, happy and strong mindset you instilled in me the day I gave birth to Megan played a really key role in kick starting the grand finale."


"I feel so optimistic and positive about about my impending birth now and I feel equipped with the tools that I need to stay focused and calm, and my husband feels comfortable in what his role should be as the ‘advocate’ and ‘protector’. I really found the relaxation techniques enjoyable and most helpful, particularly because it not only enabled us to practice Hypnobirthing but meant we both feel really involved in the process of birth. It’s also great to practice these with everyday scenario’s! I feel so much more relaxed and calm than my usual self. I can’t stress enough how valuable taking the course has been for both of us."


"From a male perspective, my attitude has changed. I understand my role better and understand it's importance. Solange and I enjoyed the evenings - we learned, we met lovely people, we grew in courage, we had fun, and, last but not least, we loved your cakes. In the final analysis, we would recommend the approach to our friends and quote you in particular. One can discern your passion and dedication, backed up by your knowledge."


"I loved learning about the physiology in session one, it always helps me to really visualise what my body will be going through to calm my mind that it is all a normal natural process. The breathing methods, hypnosis sessions and physical position ideas are brilliant and I continue to practise them daily. The freedom from fears session was particularly revealing, I also like the class follow ups on email, the birth stories and further readings have been invaluable. It was great to be in a diverse group of people so that there were many questions and discussions around people's knowledge and expectations of their own birth plans."


"I loved having the classes in a group. I think it really helped sharing experiences, concerns, and hearing questions from other couples. The venue was great for us as it was local.I would highly recommend doing a Hypnobirthing class with Kat. She is inspiring, calming and very informative. Her delicious home made cakes are amazing too :)"


"Overall, I found your hypnobirthing classes a real revelation. I was terrified of the prospect of birth - I have only really ever heard it refered to negatively. Your classes have transformed my attitude - I am now tremendously excited about the whole process. I am not kidding myself into thinking that it will be a painless and totally enjoyable experience, but through a better understanding of it, I see it as a positive event and most importantly, one I believe I can definitely manage. The balance of science and breathing/hypnosis techniques is fantastic. Luke was even more sceptical than me, but came out happy as a bunny after just the first class. There's a rational logic to it which is vital for someone like me who tends to question everything to the minutest detail.

The breathing techniques are amazing - I'm not sure why no one has taught me these before as a way of dealing with other aspects of life. Although you called it homework during the course, I'm finding practicing the breathing techniques a key part of of my day now. Really importantly, Luke really feels like he has a role in all of it now. He was supportive before, but think he felt a little lost and didn't really know how to help. We now practice the hypnosis techniques together, he gives the bump massages with your lovely oil and is much more interested in all of it.

I'd like to say a big thank you to you - I thought you taught the classes in a really relaxed and interactive way. It did not feel preachy or floaty and lots of content was covered without it feeling like too much. I'm really looking forward to my baby and everything that comes with that, which is largely thanks to you."


"We got from you so much more than was in the book. Your honest and frank approach, the way you shared your experiences rather than just teaching the hypnobirthing course to the letter. I also think you did an amazing job of creating a space where people could talk openly and honestly within a relatively short space of time."


"Thanks again for all your help -- on Monday as I was going into labour it was so reassuring to talk to you! I really appreciate how flexible and accommodating you were with us, your dedication to happy health births, shines through."


"The course is much better than I imagined and very practical and grounded - I was worried that it would be too 'away with the fairies' for me and its really not, all the theory is grounded in facts, research and common sense. HB and Kat has shown me and my partner that all births are not the same and we do not need to imagine things based on the programmes and stories we have heard! In this way, the sharing of all this information with my husband has really helped and he is now approaching things very differently - and also feels clear on the role he has to play in the birth - its empowering for him and I see this as one of the biggest strengths of the programme."


"I feel much more positive about the prospect of the birth and much better informed. I also feel more confident in trusting my own body rather than worrying about whether I'm doing the 'right thing' or not - hypnobirthing has really helped me feel stronger in my own convictions about childbirth. I'm really pleased we attended the classes (rather than just reading a book, for example) was a good prompt to 'do my homework' and get into new habits."


"I’m so pleased I did your hypnobirthing course again with baby number 2. And I would have felt that way however the birth experience played out. There are so many take aways that really resonated with me, and that I’m going to make a big effort to keep at the front of my mind going forward e.g. having the courage to believe in myself, choosing to acknowledge and honour my feelings, paying attention to what my body’s telling me, the power of focusing on the breath and not apologising for myself."


"Duncan and I are pretty private so were a little apprehensive about what we would be required to do or share in front of the group but it was a really nice small group and we never felt like we were asked to share too much or to do anything that we weren't comfortable with. I think I probably enjoyed having the small group more than I would being one on one - it takes the pressure off a bit.

I liked the way the classes were structured and for me starting with all the physiological - hard evidence - helped to get rid of any scepticism about hypnobirthing. Testament to the course is the fact I can't think of anything to improve it! And I have tried I promise! I thought you were a great host and made everyone feel comfortable from the very start."


"Thank you so much for teaching us about Hypnobirthing and it’s techniques. It really made me feel good about the impending labour and birth and I genuinely was excited for it. I know that the course made my labour far more relaxed and such a wonderful experience. The most important thing to have come from the course though (which I completely attribute to the way I viewed my pregnancy and birth, mostly through hypnobirthing) is that my beautiful baby is calm and content. He floated in the birthing pool water with eyes wide open, totally calm and looked in my eyes, blinking, moving his little head not in the slightest bit distressed. It was wonderful. He is wonderful."


"Before the course we knew as little as everyone else in our position - first time parents who hadn't really done any in-depth reading-up on what was to come. And for me, even if the birth itself had ended up being traumatic, the knowledge and confidence we got in those four sessions would have been more than worth it. Attending NCT classes a few weeks later was rather eye-opening in that most couples will have gone into labour with next to no knowledge (relatively speaking). It was difficult not to sound like a know-it-all and resist expanding on the NCT info for the other couples! We're now passionate advocates of hypnobirthing to any friends that will listen. Anyone who knows us was puzzled when we mentioned it at first because it doesn't sound like the type of thing we would do (me being a gruff northern bloke, in particular). Not that they knew what 'it' was. Explaining hypnobirthing pre-birth, most people seemed to nod and smile and kinda see why we thought it might be useful. It's only been since Fin's arrival and the experience we had that people actually believe us... and want to know more! The proof is in the pudding and all that."

You can read the story of Fin's arrival here


"I have to say it was an amazing experience due to the advice and techniques we learnt at hypnobirthing. I am beyond grateful that we signed up, had we not done the course I think our experience (which is very unusual for a first time birth) would have been traumatic but instead I feel empowered. I am grateful for the "mistakes" that were made, had the midwife insisted we come back when we called the second time I would have had to managed the adrenalin of that move. Instead I could stay in my warm dark place with my partner who was calm and unafraid. I gave birth to a perfect baby boy and feel like a warrior woman. It's a dramatic illustration of working with whatever circumstances arise and staying in the moment."

 You can read about George's arrival, in a hotel room, here


"To be led through the sessions by someone who is obviously passionate, nformed, experienced, warm and approachable was a definite highlight so thank you for that. The mixture of talking,watching videos,practising and discussion was perfect for me.I loved the material to take home too."


"I'm really glad we ended up with you as our hypnobirthing practitioner. You're very down to earth and understanding of people's doubts and weaknesses. We felt we could be ourselves with you, rather than play up to a more hippyish or spiritual character, which is what I might have expected."