Pregnancy guided relaxation


A FREE gift from Berry & Bloom of a beautiful guided hypnosis session for relaxation during pregnancy.

35 minutes of deep relaxation for you and your baby to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of self hypnosis.


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Hypnosis is as old as the human race. The phenomenon known as hypnosis has existed since the beginning of recorded history, as found in the folklore of ancient cultures. It is a powerful practice for going beyond habitual, conditioned thought patterns into a state of expanded awareness. We connect to what is known as the field of infinite possibilities or pure potentiality, and we open to new insights, intuition, and ideas.

The emotional effects of sitting quietly and going within are also profound. The deep state of rest produced by hypnosis triggers the brain to release neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. Each of these naturally occurring brain chemicals has been linked to different aspects of relaxation, happiness and birth.

This FREE 35 minute guided session will help bring your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation during pregnancy.

Make time for yourself and your baby with this free gift given with love from Berry & Bloom and check out the hypnobirthing page for details of how we can work together so you enjoy your pregnancy and birth with calm, joyous confidence.


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