Hi Kat,

I hope that you’re well. I wanted to let you know that our baby boy, Sebastian, arrived on Friday 5th October at 10pm. We’re both doing well, although still a bit shocked about how quickly he arrived!
After putting the children to bed I felt that my Braxton Hicks were getting stronger and I was having to breathe through them but I wasn’t sure whether it was the start of something and I had a bath and the contractions stopped. After having a bath they ramped up though and were becoming more regular at 8:30 so I started timing them at 9 and they were every three minutes, but they were manageable and I was using my hypnobirthing and breathing through them. We called the hospital who said to go in so just before 10 we went out to the car but didn’t get very far as when I sat down my waters broke and I could feel baby was coming, so we made it back into the house while my husband called an ambulance and got into the front room when I had another strong contraction and that was it, baby was born, and delivered by daddy! The paramedics arrived 5 minutes later but baby was clearly well so I was able to hold him and have delayed cord clamping. I wanted a natural, intervention free birth after having a caesarean and I certainly got it! We ended up going into hospital as I had quite bad tearing after it all happened so quickly but we got to finally see the birth centre which was great and we had time to take everything in and rest before going home.
I wanted to say thank you for all your help so that I could have the natural birth I wanted, if anything the hypnobirthing probably made me too relaxed and I didn’t realise how established my labour was as I was managing the pain so well! But it was very special for baby to be born at home and without any intervention at all.
Thank you again and I will continue to recommend hypnobirthing to all the pregnant women I know!
Very best wishes,

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