Hi Kat,

Just to let you know that our hypno-baby arrived last Sunday – also known as Alice. Another happy homebirth, which her big brother slept through in the room next door. She’s lovely, and her big bro is besotted too, demanding lots of over enthusiastic kisses and cuddles with “his baby”. 

As I was a day off 41 weeks I was starting to be offered sweeps, and induction had been mentioned. My midwife was actually being sensitive about it all, but anything along those lines just felt very at odds with my fundamental belief that my body knew what it was doing.  Anyway, I went for a pregnancy massage on Sunday afternoon with Ruth at Kuu who was great, and really worked the acupressure points. I strolled home, put Jack to bed, put dinner in the oven – didn’t get to eat it! Just after 8pm things started happening. From the get-go surges were every two minutes, and by 10:20pm baby was here. I’m finding it hard to put into words my take on the whole experience as it still feels quite surreal. It was intense, but I really felt prepared, calm and confident! and totally able to cope with it all.

I’m so pleased I did your hypnobirthing course again with baby number 2. And I would have felt that way however the birth experience played out. There are so many take aways that really resonated with me, and that I’m going to make a big effort to keep at the front of my mind going forward e.g. having the courage to believe in myself, choosing to acknowledge and honour my feelings, paying attention to what my body’s telling me, the power of focusing on the breath, not apologising for myself… etc etc.

Thank you so much for all the knowledge and inspiration, and hopefully see you at one of the Well Garden’s postnatal events in the future.

Thanks again

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