Hi Kat,

Good news…baby Marlowe Faith arrived at home at 00:55am on Saturday 12th September, weighing 3.89kgs. After keeping us waiting for so long she still managed to take us by surprise and Trent had to jump into the birth pool to catch her while the midwife was still en route back to us. It was a very intense experience, very different to the longer birth we had with Lizzie but with the same beautiful and elating ending.

Her second name was a last minute change… I went for my third acupuncture session on Friday and I put every ounce of positive energy that afternoon into believing she would be with us soon… we wanted something in her name to reflect the huge journey we had in the last 2 weeks. 

I had a doctor appointment last Tuesday when they finally agreed to use my LMP date rather than scan and support home birth for an extra 6 days (I was 42 + 3 according to scan when she was born, 41 + 4 by my dates). They were pushing for induction of some sort Tuesday latest and all the pressure from 40 weeks definitely did not help. 

I’m so glad we had faith in the birth we’d hoped for. The midwife actually left at 11pm saying I was only 2cm and we were a way off…2 hours later she was in our arms…at some point instinct took over and we decided *&^& the VE I’m getting in the pool! 😉

Thanks so much for the extra advice you gave me when everything started kicking off around induction. Having some positivity and a reminder of the other view was SO important to us.

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