Hi Kat,

I am beyond happy to tell you that Joan arrived safe and well on the 6th of November at 42+5 when my instincts told me that my baby needed to come earth-side the same way her sister did.

As you know, I had planned a vagina birth following the difficult time I’d had the first time round. Kat, I honestly believed that the only way I’d recover from the trauma I experienced having Dorothy was to have a “natural” birth the second time round. I was so wrong.

Joan, our “tiny dancer” was born to that exact song with the support of an amazing team at Newham General hospital. I had a team of midwives that made me feel safe and an obstetrician that made me laugh whilst birthing my daughter.

Joan knew all along that this was her way into the world (flipping from breech, to transverse, to head down and repeat) and at 42+5 I realised that she’d been trying to tell me this. Upon her arrival, Joan was 10lb5oz and back to back, which I believe would have been very difficult for me and resulted in possible complications if not for a c section.

We still had delayed cord clamping, immediate skin-to-skin and again, like Dorothy, she latched on immediately.

I thought that hypnobirthing was about breathing your baby out, in a dark room, in a pool, but it’s something entirely different. It’s about being empowered, informed and courageous. I also thought it was a bit of a stand off against the medical model, but it helped me to achieve something harmonious, which means I will only ever think fondly of those involved with bringing my daughter here safely, including you!

All our love and thanks,
Toni, Jay, Dorothy and Joan.

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