I just wanted to let you know that we had another little lady on 15th August weighing 8lbs 3oz 😊 I’ve been meaning to message you. We’ve named her Zefiryne (Zefi for short). She was also born at home in the quickest birth ever, 3.5hrs start to finish! 

Matylda woke me up in the morning at 8am and I felt some pressure in my lower back, so I thought today’s the day. Within half an hour I was having 1 surge every 4 minutes! Thankfully it was a nursery day so J took M in by 9 and I could tell her that her grandparents would be picking her up and she’d be staying there a few days. Before she left she noticed I was pretty uncomfortable and said ‘sit on your ball mama’ 😂 

Whilst J was gone, I lay down to try and slow things down as I didn’t fancy giving birth on my own! The midwives arrived at 10am and she was born at 11.36am. I managed to hop into the pool that was only just ready for the 2 pushes that it took for her to ‘fire out like a torpedo into the water and create a wave’ – J’s words!! The speed with which it all ramped up made it feel very intense and a little overwhelming, but I felt in control. The midwives left by 2pm and we had 3 days of snuggles before Matylda got back. 

Zefi is very relaxed and cute and is feeding well. She seems much more laidback than her big sister so far! Matylda has had some challenging moments adjusting to the changes, but is utterly adorable and so caring with Zefi. Thanks for all your help once again to chill me out during pregnancy and also to get us prepared for another happy birth. And once again this process has reminded me to stop worrying about things that I don’t have control over and probably won’t happen… Such as her coming ‘early’ and me not being ready, when in fact she came 5 days past my predicted date! The funny thing was i kept not feeling psychologically ready and the night before she was born I sat on my birth ball with really open body language and told myself I was ready, so maybe she heard me?! And she waited until the full moon. So interestingly my periods have always seemed to sync with the new moon and did again once they returned after I had Matylda, so as far as I’m aware Zefi was conceived and born on a full moon! Im not sure what this means but I like it.

Lots of love, Lydia xx

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