“We wanted to let you know our news, we have had our baby! Albert (Albie) George came on Wed 13th August at 00.49, just 49 mins over his due date. Words cannot describe how amazing the whole experience was and I can definitely say that the hypnobirthing techniques helped so much. Using the relaxation techniques made it bearable to stay at home for as long as possible so by the time we went in to hospital I was already 7cm. I listened to the affirmations and colour and calmness  when I was in the hospital and had also made a relaxing playlist. My mum had sent me her perfume which I sprayed all over my pillowcase and burying my head in that helped me to relax!
We had him in the birth centre and I used the pool once it was available for a couple of hours. I was using the birth stool when he was born which made the whole process much easier. I didn’t need any form of pain relief and although it was hard work and incredibly intense I never felt like I needed to ask for anything. I wasn’t as quiet as the ladies in the video clips we watched with you but there was no screaming or swearing! Making some noise actually really helped me, I suppose different things work for different people.
Simon was amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without him. He helped to keep me as relaxed as possible and constantly reminded me to relax my jaw. He used the light touch massage between surges and applied the pressure to the bottom of my back during. I found both uses of touch helpful. We had a wonderful midwife who respected all our wishes and was incredibly supportive.
I just feel so amazed that I did it and as I didn’t need any drugs I can remember everything – I’m so thankful for that as I love to think about it and I never want to forget a moment of the whole process.
Before I started the hypnobirthing course I thought it would be all about coping during labour. I now realise that it is so much more than that. Using the relaxation techniques ensured that I was relaxed during my pregnancy, in early labour, during established labour and since Albert has been born. Before the course I wasn’t sure if I wanted Simon at the birth and I think if he’s honest he wasn’t too sure about being there! Doing the course together gave him a vital role and I wouldn’t have been able to have had the experience I had without him being there. He kept me calm and relaxed me, we really worked as a team and I will never forget the feeling of having him sitting behind me supporting me as our baby was born and handed to us.
I feel so lucky that I have been able to have this experience. Everyone I speak to about it is so surprised that I have nothing negative to say about giving birth, they were all waiting for the "horror story” that is childbirth. They won’t be getting that from us!
So we can’t thank you enough Kat for everything you have taught us. We are just so very happy! 
With our best wishes,
Ellie, Simon and Albert.“
from kat: I’m especially excited as Albie is "my” 400th hypno-baby!!!
Welcome to the world Albie!

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