Hey Katrina!
Hope all is well. Just wanted to update you on our birth.
We couldn’t have a home birth in the end as the local hospital to me wasn’t the one I wanted to go to if anything went wrong so we stuck with UCLH birthing centre. 
Rae was 2 weeks early. Born on July 2nd at 7.25am.
I woke at 1am with broken waters so had to head into hospital ASAP and was 2cm dilated with subtle contractions – we went home via tesco to buy some jelly babies and loo roll. I sat in a warm bath for 2.5 hours breathing deeply through each contraction – we then went back to hospital as my contractions were almost continuous. I was already 6cm dilated so went up to the birthing centre. We were in the delivery room for 35mins until she came, healthy and perfect not crying, just looking around.
I used only my breathing and the exercise you taught us where Chris put all his weight onto my lower back. I made lots of noise but felt controlled and in charge. 
There was no time for a water birth as it all happened so fast. 6 hours in total – and honestly only about 20mins of that was truly painful (just before I felt the urge to push).
We wanted to say thank you so much for everything as I feel so happy that I managed to have such a great birth. We feel proud that we managed to do it. 
Thanks again
Lauren & Chris (and Rae) xx

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