We ended up just a few days overdue. Ford Charles born Aug 13th weighing 6lbs13.

I had a bit of a stop/start labour. I went into labour naturally on the 11th but it stopped around 12 hours later. Due to me being high risk, and having had a bit of bleeding, they broke my waters where we found merconium in my waters. It meant having to be induced with syntocinon and having an epidural, which I’d been trying to avoid… However, knowing there was merconium in my waters meant i felt comfortable with my decision and it was always me who made the final call on how we moved forwards. I dilated the rest of the way to 10cm in 4hrs. 

Once dilated they let the epidural wear off so I could push. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours the baby’s head got stuck which was frustrating as we were so nearly there. It meant having a low forceps delivery and a blood transfusion. Which sounds scary but wasn’t. Everyone was very calm and I felt confident in my care at Homerton.

Something that really resonated with me was when Kat said you go out to the cosmos to pick up your baby and bring them back to earth. That for me sums up my labour! I was convinced afterwards that we’d moved to a  room with green light to give birth. I remember my delivery room during the birth having a totally different layout and colour to what it was. Even down to a change in the midwives uniforms. What a trip! 

I do believe that because I stayed calm so did the baby! His monitor was all fine throughout which was very reassuring. I’d do it all again tomorrow, it’s so worth it when you get to meet your gorgeous baby. Even if his head was a bit of an odd shape from the forceps at first 🙂

Good luck everyone else with your births, although you really don’t need it! 

You can do it!

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