Hi Kat, been a busy few weeks our end…

I was hospitalised with poorly kidneys on bank holiday… It was the baby squashing my kidneys and causing me morphine-worthy pain and significant weight loss…wasn’t even in a London hospital🙈

it was decided that to be induced at 37 weeks was the best way ahead for my own health (and sanity) after 2 weeks of being so ill in hospital… We ended up having an epidural (and painful recovery of an episiotomy), given the ramping up of the induction and my own poor health. We tried the natural route but were confident and knowledgeable about the options to us and happy with the end result.

Hypnobirthing gave us both the knowledge and empowerment to know what was available to us and best for us given our situation. It gave us the mind set that change of plan was ok and that together we could get through it. It also meant we had some wonderful moments with the baby afterwards, lots of skin to skin and immediate latching on, bonding since has been a breeze for both of us, lots of skin to skin, nakedness and awesomeness in our household this week xx  thank you for everything xx truly.

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