Hello Kat! I am so sorry for not being in touch. It has been a very busy 5 weeks. 🙂

Elsie May Shannon arrived on 8th September at 1.51pm. Weighing 7lb 4oz We are of course over the moon and loving every moment.

I had possible the strangest Hypnobirth I could imagine. I ended up having my worst nightmare of a very medicalised 25 hour labour with a pretty scary ending as I haemorrhaged. BUT as the girl who saw birth as a form of torture I can honestly tell you that despite everything I was calm, relaxed, happy and assertive pretty much throughout the whole thing. I actually enjoyed most of it!

Throughout the midwives commented and showed genuine surprise at how calm, polite and ‘brave’ I was and kept offering me pain relief when I just didn’t want or need it. I did have gas and air and an epidural in the end, but that was my choice and not theirs. At one point the consultants said we needed to move rooms (long story) the midwives were livid and began having a very heated conversation about the whole thing so despite being 7cm I took charge of the situation, told them and Eddie to get organised and then between surges we could get down the hall way into the new room. I think they were a little shocked and did as they were told! Lol!

They were also very surprised at how low my BP and heart rate was the entire time and also how calm and relaxed Elsie was; they kept waiting for her to get distressed… She didn’t and didn’t even cry when she was born. She was just very relaxed. She continues to be so too, very rarely crying and often sleeping through the night already!

Next time I really hope to give birth in water with just a bit of the lovely gas and air but I really do feel my first experience was a positive one. HypnoBirthing did that.

I will try to get along to see you at Clissold park very soon.

We all hope this reaches you well. Amy, Eddie and Elsie. xxxxx

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