Hi Katrina,
How are you?
A little email to let you know that we had our baby girl Eva on Thursday 21st February at 10.01am!
She decided to come early at 39weeks + 1 day.
Matt and I are totally smitten!
At a 36 weeks scan we found out that my baby was in a breech position. I did acupuncture, moxibustion, Webster technique and spinningbabies positions. Matt and I refused ECV as from our research it didn’t feel right. And a c-section got booked on the 28th February (40weeks+1day). While trying to turn our baby naturally, I listened a lot to your c-section hypnoses and got slowly more and more at ease with the idea of this birth 🙂 it was really helpful!
After a full moon, a long walk, a homemade chocolate cake and a motivating talk to baby from Matt to turn and get ready for birth my water broke at 3.30am in the night of Wednesday. We went to the hospital straight away, baby was still breeched and high. Labour started and was escalating pretty fast, we went ahead with the c-section. We discovered that she had the cord wrapped around her twice, once around her neck and once around her shoulder this is why she never turned head down – clever baby!!☺️
I’m really happy how things went at the end. I think it’s the best way I could have had the c-section as she came when she was ready and not because of a date the hospital booked, so we also know her real birthday. And I got to experience the water breaking and contractions 🙂
Matt was amazing during c-section, describing to me our happy place in Bali to take my mind away of what was happening on the other side of the curtain.
Thank you for such a great hypnobirthing class! It really helped me and Matt through pregnancy and birth. Two midwifes did not agree with our ‘no ECV’ decision and were quite rude to us, while others agreed and said they wouldn’t do ECV either so it’s really important to research, be informed and make YOUR own decision.
Happy if we contribute to help couples to not be scared of a c-section and stick to their guns decision wise.

Using the birth affirmations and other recordings here 😉 Loving the baby moon even if well tiring!
Thanks again for everything!
Victoria & Matt

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