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For the past week I’ve had no option but to listen to my body because it quite simply stopped me in my tracks. First laryngitis shut me up, then a cold laid me out. I’ve written before about how a cold can be of great spiritual benefit (link in bio for more on why a cold is a good thing) but this is on a whole different level.

Learning to listen to your body is an art. We’re so used to living in our heads, ticking off things on our to do list. Distracting ourselves with tv, internet and social media, sometimes the body is just along for the ride. Until it hurts, or it needs attention. But your body needs you to listen. It’s your best friend and will always tell you what it needs, if you take the time to hear.

I know that this week, if I’m to have the energy (and voice) to lead two hypnobirthing groups then everything else must go. So despite go telling me off, I’ve rescheduled all other appointments. Listen to your body, rather than your ego. What is your body asking of you this week?
#advent #affirmations #positivity #hypnotherapy #hypnobirthing #wintercold #renew #energy #listen #bodywisdom

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