It was so great to see one of “my” dads float in to the hypnobirthing class this week having been for dinner with his sister (I recently taught her hypnobirthing too!) the night before. She managed to keep it secret that there was a surprise guest having given birth that morning!!!  

“We thought she would arrive early and out she came on Saturday morning, six days before her guess date. 

We couldn’t really have asked for things to go more smoothly. I woke up to some surges at around 3am, then tried to nest and do relaxations and affirmations until I woke up Isam at 6 and everything moved pretty quickly after that! 

Little Ayla arrived at 10 on Saturday morning in a pool in our kitchen 🙂 

Thank you so much Kat for all the wonderful and empowering support you gave the three of us over the past few months. Doing Hypnobirthing changed our feelings about birth, giving us confidence, excitement and strength we otherwise wouldn’t have had. 

The past few days have been exhausting but completely magical as the three of us have just stayed in our nest 🙂 

Thank you again, Laura, Isam and Ayla xxxx “

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