Meet the gang

Born Together at The Well Garden

Born Together is a local collective of therapists and teachers passionate about caring for families from the very beginning of their journey, helping them to grow and thrive.
As a founder member of the gang I am privileged to work with a group of highly experienced, insightful and fun folk.

We all know how we thrive when we share ideas, worries and advice, and that's never more important than when you're trying for, growing, and raising a family.

For hopeful parents we offer fertility support with acupuncture, massage, chinese herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, reflexology, nutrition and fitness.

These treatments continue to support you throughout your pregnancy along with a variety of antenatal classes, yoga, and local doula access to help you prepare for birth confidently and calmly.

After your baby is born, we offer breastfeeding support, post natal doula support, support groups for mums & dads, baby yoga and massage (and for the parents too!), first aid for parents, cranio-sacral therapy for you and baby... the list is endless.

Our aim is to take pre and post natal care to the next level.

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Come Meet The Gang...

Hypnosis, CBT & Aromatherapy
Katrina Berry has a thriving therapeutic practice in London combining CBT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and aromatherapy. She specialises in pregnancy and birth, stress-related disorders, anxiety and depression.
Active Birth Teacher, Doula
Sue Boughton is a birth & postnatal doula, massage practitioner and Active Birth Workshop teacher. She is passionate about supporting women and their families, physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, aiming to ease their transition into parenthood.
Maternity Physiotherapist
Niamh Burn qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2003. She established Maternity Physio after pelvic pain during her first pregnancy and now devotes all of her energies,expertise and passion into providing a specific physio service for mums and mums-to-be and getting good results!
Pregnancy & Post-natal Yoga, Doula
Yolande Diver teaches pregnancy yoga and supports soon to be parents as a birth Doula. Her passion is pregnancy, birth and postnatal wellbeing through movement, breath, education, support and healing, her intention is to help empower women so they can make their own informed choices.
Grazia Gatti graduated from the London College of Classical Homeopathy in 1999. She has followed families from pre-conception care, through pregnancy and birth, and supported parents’ health and emotional stability in the early years of bringing up a child.
Gong Mistress
Gong meditation is a type of Sound therapy that has been used in healing for thousands of years. It aids stress reduction by breaking up emotional blockages within the body and eases you into a state of meditation. Benita collaborates with Born Together on our retreats and the hypno-gong closing has fast become a favourite!
Mum & Baby Massage, Dad & Baby Yoga
Karen James has been specialising in baby massage, baby and toddler yoga and sensory play since 2004. Karen uses an holistic approach to support and empower mothers and fathers with skills to learn there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ about when and how much you should massage your baby.
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine
Darren Rose studied acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, tuina bodywork and nutrition and continues to develop his skills through regular professional development across a wide range of practical disciplines.Darren specialises in Acupuncture for Infertility, IVF, Women’s Health and Pregnancy.
Caitlyn Scheybeler is a psychotherapist and fellow mum of two small children. Caitlin obtained her Masters in Counselling Psychology with a distinction in 2013, from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. Caitlin’s approach is warm, authentic and relationship-led. It is her own life-changing experience of joining a new mothers’ circle after having her first baby abroad that inspired her Mamaka new mum groups.

The Born Together team were there for me throughout my pregnancy and have helped me navigate my way into mumhood with confidence. I am so grateful for their support!

H Morris

Embracing Change - Our Pregnancy & Post-Natal Retreats

We have collaborated to craft truly unique retreat experiences to support you during during pregnancy and after birth.

Combining the power of a sharing circle, movement, gong meditation, hypnosis, mother blessing ceremony for the pregnancy afternoon and healing cerrada ceremony for the post-natal retreat, these are truly transformational events from which you'll emerge feeling nourished and inspired.

Thanks so much for today Kat. It was so great - totally nourishing and I feel totally spoilt. I feel so much lighter and brighter!

O Denham

Our next pregnancy retreat will be held on

Saturday February 2nd, 1pm - 5pm

at The Well Garden.

£65pp includes a goodie bag with homemade herbal bath tea bags, aromatherapy and homeopathy gifts alongside massive discounts.

Open to expectant mums at any time in their pregnancy

Our next post-natal retreat will be held on

Saturday April 6th, 1pm - 5pm

at The Well Garden.

£65pp includes a goodie bag to take home including a bespoke homeopathy remedy and a herbal healing bag amongst many other treats.

There is no limit as to how "post" you are natal... We have had mums of toddlers come to honour their journey and move forward.

  • New for 2019 we're working on a unique post-natal retreat for ALL the family, check back for more info

Thank you very much for yesterday. It was a really valuable afternoon and I'm so glad I took the time for it.

Elly G

Thank you for organising a wonderful retreat. It truly felt like I was connected to myself and needed the pause.


This blissful afternoon prenatal retreat has stayed with me all week. Thank you to the amazing Born Together team for this wonderful warm experience. It's marked for me a big shift in the way I feel about this big life change ahead.

Emmy L

I honestly LOVED Saturday.. so thank you! I went home feeling recharged and like I’d had some proper ‘me’ time.
I discovered I might like Yoga after all and no need for me to explain how awesome the gongs were!!!
It was also really lovely to meet so many inspiring other mums.  

Louise P

Thank you Katrina and all,

I loved the day - it was beautifully balanced. I felt very safe in all your calm, accepting, strong hands. 


Thanks again for the session on Saturday, it was great to take some time out and it sparked some good conversations at home! Definitely feeling more inspired now to make more time to focus on this pregnancy and enjoy these last few weeks!