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In this largely online world we're living in I am delighted at how well the live online hypnobirthing course is going.

I've been refining it since March when we were forcibly moved into a zoom room and now it feels like a well paced, carefully curated course again.

I share the full course over six weekly two hour sessions.

Always smaller groups to allow for free conversation and sharing - this is NOT school. You do NOT need to learn how to give birth!

There's plenty of space to explore how you can bring yourselves and your own experience and preferences to hypnobirthing... and how you can bring hypnobirthing to your lives before and after birth too.

There's a blend of written, video and audio resources to back up our sessions and you have my continued support up to and beyond your baby's birth.

One of the most common bits of feedback I'm getting is the flexibility afforded by the online nature of the group. You can dial in from your home or from your weekend away. My current group that is concluding tomorrow morning have dialled in from Germany, Italy and various places around the UK (they all live in London!)

My next six week courses begin:
Monday September 7th, 7pm - 9pm
Saturday October 3rd, 10am - noon

and I'm already welcoming 2021 babies.

Come join me.

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✡︎ Worried you’ve left it late for hypnobirthing?

✡︎ Second baby and want to get your mojo back?

✡︎ Reading and practicing at home and want some tailored support?

For those who are unable to make a whole course this one off morning session is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the approach and tools of hypnobirthing.

You will want to have read my book “Why Hypnobirthing Matters” (included and sent to you as soon as you book), and I will send you some hypnosis audio recordings and birth films upfront for you to have engaged with before we meet online so we can make best use of our time together.

We will discuss affirmations, how and why they work and what yours might be, I’ll have you think about what feelings and qualities you want to strengthen within and how we can anchor that to all of your senses for birth. We will explore mindfulness of body and breathwork for birth (and life), massage for quick endorphin release and deeper touch for intense surges.

Please note this is not the same as a full 12 hour hypnobirthing course (which is a holistic total approach to antenatal preparation and parenting) but I will supply you with the journal I give to those doing the course so you can see how the approach can be applied in these areas.

The total cost for you and your partner for this workshop and all materials, plus my ongoing support is £150.

There is a discounted rate of £95 for those who remain financially affected by Covid. Please don't ever let finances preclude your engagement - talk to me.

The next immersion is

Saturday August 29th, 10am - 1pm

Booking online:

#onlinehypnobirthing #hypnobirthing #pregnant #birth #antenatal #getinformed #getinspired #hypnosis #mindfulness #whyhypnobirthingmatters #positivebirth #takingthehippyoutofhypnobirthing #braintraining #mindandbody #hypnotherapy

18 years gone...
Never truly left though...

Hammock, AirPods, the birds cooing in the trees. I’m ready for my full moon sound bath with @sselvatico ❤️🌒🌕🌘 ...

A beautiful thing arrived today. Thank you so much for your vision, generosity and dedication @mynydd.mindfulness ❤️ 🙏❤️ ...

Full moon blessings to you

My new bedroom window overlooks a vast field of crops which sway with the wind creating waves... Surrounded by fields and animals as I now am, I am witness to Natures' cycles in a way that living in London the last 23 years was hidden from me. I find myself constantly curious and asking questions, it's a whole new learning opportunity!

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate Nature and I'd like to offer you a gift. Traditionally observed on August 1, Lammas marked the beginning of the harvest, and especially celebrated the first wheat crop, or that of corn. It derives from the ancient English festival the Gule of August, a pagan dedication of the first fruits that the early English church later converted to Christian usage. On Lammas Day, loaves of bread were baked from the first-ripened grain and brought to the churches to be consecrated. The word “lammas” comes from the Old English hlaf, “loaf,” and maesse, “mass” or “feast.” Through the centuries, “loaf-mass” became corrupted in spelling and pronunciation to Lammas.

To the Celts, this was Lughnasaid, the feast of the wedding of the Sun god and the Earth goddess, and also a harvest festival. In Ireland, baskets of blueberries are still offered to a sweetheart in commemoration of the original fertility festival. In Scotland, the Lammastide fairs became famous for trial marriages that could be ended without question after a year..... sounds like a good idea, right?! 😉

To celebrate this ancient festival I have for you a gift of a free hypnosis session to cultivate energy and gratitude.

Enter withthanks in the coupon code box and receive this recording free of charge with my gratitude for your ongoing support and interest.

Shared from Arras Sisters.

♥️10 Facts Every Woman Should Know:

1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
2. When someone tells you that you're beautiful, believe them. They aren't lying.
3. Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat.
4. For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.
5. You should definitely have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way others see you, you would.
6. Don't look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.
7. It's okay to not love every part of your body....but you should.
8. We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.
9. You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.
10. You're a woman. That alone makes you pretty damn remarkable. ♥️♥️

ARRAS, the French word for tapestry, was founded on the belief that although we may feel separate, we are all truly interwoven. Just one woman telling her story is a thread of light that allows for other women to feel connected, and share their stories.

16 years ago today I witnessed my first hypno-birth 😍💪🏻

There was no way of knowing back then how it would change my life and work completely... we never know what’s around the corner (or up atop the roof!)

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Every days a school day.... 💓💫 we were just talking about orgasmic birth yesterday.... this goes way beyond. The female body is wiser than we know...

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Did you know that the clitoris is part of your birthing equipment.

And here’s how:

The clitoris is like an iceberg (not the cold and effected by global warming bits), what you can see actually only accounts for about 10% of the entire organ.
The remaining 90% of the clitoris nestles behind the vulva, its wishbone shape encircling the vagina. It has large tear drop shaped bulbs (bulb of vestibules) that sit either side of the opening to the vagina...or, from a birthing baby’s perspective, they sit either side of the exit. And it has arms that spread out up to 9cm into the pelvis and the clitoris nerves are huge, reaching way further in and around the pelvis than you’d expect!

Here are some things we know about the clitoris:
* It is currently believed to be the only organ in any human’s body which exists for the sole purpose of pleasure.
* The majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve a large enough release of oxytocin to orgasm.
* We don’t know a lot about the clitoris...the full size and shape of this little beauty was only discovered in 1998 and then finally pushed into public consciousness in 2005! (Don’t even get me started on why that’s an issue!)

Let’s take it as writ that the human body is a masterpiece of evolution. Many thousands of years of nature tweaking, selecting, prioritising and honing to create the ever evolving human form we are currently walking about in. Everything has its place and purpose, right.

So why would a woman/birthing person have 90% of an organ which is apparently only for pleasure wrapped around her birth canal?

What’s it doing THERE and not somewhere else?

It is a well known fact that stimulating the clitoris in labour results in a huge release of oxytocin, the birthing hormone. Many people instinctively touch their clitoris as their baby is descending but some do it consciously, knowing that it can have an easing effect on this birthing stage of labour.
When the clitoris is stimulated, those

It’s a full moon weekend... and a lunar eclipse. Usually my sle is very disturbed around full moon but last night I slept soooo deeply thanks to @sselvatico Sound Enchantment (on his YouTube channel!) and I want to pay it forward with this hypnosis recording free from my website.

Enjoy 🥰

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Continuing to support expectant parents throughout lockdown has been a privilege, not to mention fascinating. The reality of being pregnant and birthing during a worldwide pandemic has so often confounded expectation and assumption.

I have just one space left on the course beginning 10am - noon on Saturday July 4th and running every Saturday morning through to August 8th.
Six weeks of coming together with a small group of like minded folk for a couple of hours reflection, practice, information and inspiration.

Next course isn't til September so if you or anyone you care about is "due" before Halloween give em the heads up would ya?
much love

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Join me this morning for our final 15 minute Mindful Moment practice.

After 3 months of streaming daily offerings I’m pausing now to assimilate the Spring and settle into a new space.
I have an inkling I’ll be back with something new but can’t say what or when just now so, for now, join me this morning and we’ll sit together for 15 minutes.


After 3 months of daily live streaming, tomorrow is our final Mindful Moment together.

LIVE on instagram and Facebook 8.45am

i promised you something different with tomorrow’s Mindful Moment.... Let’s try a sonic shower with the crystal bowls. Get comfy, with headphones if you can, and let’s take 15minutes deep relaxation to set up the day.

Instagram only for tomorrow @berry_and_bloom
8.45am LIVE

I've just loved sharing hypnobirthing with expectant parents through lockdown.
Every single one of you has confounded expectations of those who know not the determination of parents who are engaged in their own lives and understand the power of the mind-body connection.

Overwhelmingly the feelings are gratitude and excitement. The resilience and confidence I witness is both humbling and inspiring. (ps this baby arrived safely and joyfully at home 48 hours later ;-))

After 3 months of daily mindful moments, this week will be the final week, for now.

Join me LIVE on instagram and Facebook at 8.45am (BST) every morning for 15minutes. A chance to leave behind the day thus far, what’s to come and to connect and reset.

Join me for this mornings 15 minute Mindful Moment with a response to Rumi's Guest House


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Today would have been my maternal grandma’s 93rd birthday. She’s been on my mind a lot these past few weeks as i’ve ben tracing my maternal ancestry and she’s a pivotal plot twist in the narrative that led to my existence.

There’s discrepancies in the story that gets told as to how old she was when she met and fell in love with my grandad but it seems to have been around the age of 15-16. Born and raised in Egypt, she was training with the Red Cross when she met a handsome English man who would regularly pass through Suez. Part of the engineering team building a railway line for the war effort he was moving up and down through the continent constantly. He regularly told us growing up that it was love at first sight.. Their relationship was frowned upon by everyone, they didn’t care. This spirited, independent, courageous young woman married her soldier at a time that ‘mixed’ marriages were controversial to all. She moved across the world, away from a rather lavish lifestyle in Egypt to post war Britain with a young baby and forged a new life in a very tough time. In the latter part of their lives they would uproot again to the Algarve for an enhanced quality and extension of life after Grandad suffered angina attacks. Beginning all over again in a new culture, building a house in the hills, neither of them speaking the language - I now realise how much courage and spirit that takes and am in awe of them both.

Some of you will have heard me talk about wearing a ring I was given by grandma when attending births to channel her spirit and intuition. She was feisty and fun, she wrote shopping lists and swore in Greek, she loved an Ouzo, playing card games and dancing. i channel her all the time when I roast nuts her way, make tomato sauce her way and do grandmas chicken soup when a cold is hovering.

I wish she was around for me to ask more about her traditions and upbringing. How she learned about working with the moon, the spells she’d cast that I never questioned. I suspect she’s here guiding me as I uncover more about my maternal line and the power therein. After all, if she hadn’t been the free spirit she was I wo

Join me in 15 for 15.
With this morning's Mindful Moment let's reset mind and body by gifting yourself 15 minutes to set yourself up for the day.

Live on instagram and Facebook.

People are talking about easing out of lockdown and "a new normal". Whilst I really want to see people "in real life", I'm not quite ready for crowds and movement... Having been working throughout and moving house I am feeling the need to retreat myself.

I have one last report to write this week to complete the second year of the Masters degree I'm doing at Bangor Uni then I'm taking a couple of weeks downtime to settle into my new space and begin to process the past few months. As part of that i will be drawing to a close the morning Mindful Moments at the Summer Solstice. This daily offering may evolve into something else but for now we will pause.

I can't help but begin to consider what I've learned / am learning and really enjoyed this writing...

The full moon could be seen as the climax of the monthly lunar cycle. The energies build and build and build to the full moon and then bang! there is some full moon madness followed by a sort of cosmic lunar sigh. There is after all a reason we have the word “lunatic” and why traditionally the emergency services are always busy on a full moon.
The full moon then is all about peaking and then releasing the old: letting go of negative patterns releasing unhelpful thoughts, habits, ways of being.
As a partial lunar eclipse, many are saying this has ramped up the energies so you may be feeling out of sorts, heightened emotions. Take some time for yourself to rest, replenish and recharge with this free hypnosis session.

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