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🌀 Always expanding 🌀

Further teacher training in #mindfulness with @omc_mindfulness this week.

Refining, deepening, exploring further how to bring mindfulness to you and those I don’t yet know.

New course coming January 2021 💫

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💫 magical words 💫

Writing and recording bespoke hypnosis today.

A decade into supporting clients with hypnotherapy I am still in awe of the power of words.
To aid relaxation, nervous system regulation, habit breaking, boosting immunity, strengthening confidence.
The changes I see and hear about are inspiring....
How might I support you?

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We have to limit yogi bathers for these evenings (what with current restrictions) and places are booking quickly which is so exciting!

Can’t wait to share this beautiful space again. Book with @elevateyogaclass

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Tickets are on sale and spaces going fast for our November and December Sound Bath events.

Please book to avoid disappointment as spaces are set due to covid restrictions! x

So excited to begin our online retreat offerings tomorrow and absolutely thrilled that so many want to join us. 🔻⭕️🔻

Our retreat in pregnancy on Saturday 28th November is open for bookings @embracingchangecollective

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Booking for our Mothering the Mother post-natal retreat is now complete.

To preserve the intimate nature of these offerings we have a limited number of places and all spaces are filled.

Our retreat in pregnancy on Saturday November 28th is open, booking via link in bio. Again we have a limited number of places so please do share and join.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring these offerings online and are so looking forward to seeing those of you in our circle tomorrow ⭕️

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“Overall, I found your hypnobirthing classes a real revelation.

I’m a very sceptical person and was originally turned off by the hippyish name, but after several recommendations from friends, decided it wouldn’t hurt to sign up. I was terrified of the prospect of birth – I have only really ever heard it referred to negatively. My mother had a tough birth with me and tv dramas don’t help matters either. Your classes have transformed my attitude – I am now tremendously excited about the whole process. I am not kidding myself into thinking that it will be a painless and totally enjoyable experience, but through a better understanding of it, I see it as a positive event and most importantly, one I believe I can definitely manage. The balance of science and breathing/hypnosis techniques is fantastic. There’s a rational logic to it which is vital for someone like me who tends to question everything to the minutest detail.

The breathing techniques are amazing – I’m not sure why no one has taught me these before as a way of dealing with other aspects of life. I find that I am a lot less tense than before and the trick of concentrating on releasing tension in particular parts of the body has been really helpful – I learned I tend to keep tension in my jaw!

Really importantly, L really feels like he has a role in all of it now. He was supportive before, but think he felt a little lost and didn’t really know how to help. We now practice the hypnosis techniques together, he gives the bump massages with your lovely oil and is much more interested in all of it.

Lastly, I’d like to say a big thank you to you – I thought you taught the classes in a really relaxed and interactive way. It did not feel preachy or floaty and lots of content was covered without it feeling like too much. I’m really looking forward to my baby and everything that comes with that, which is largely thanks to you.”

📷 @ritaplattsphoto

I had my first massage and facial in 24 weeks today...

At a time when we can fall into pessimistic, scarcity, doom and gloom thinking it is SO important to prioritise something - anything - that helps you feel human, cared for, connected.

Thank you Jo @renu_beauty for reminding me how essential this is 👌🏻

#massage #facial #meltonmowbray #supportlocal #leicestershire #selfcare

Just a couple of places left and retreat packs are going out in the post TOMORROW!

🔻Mothering the Mother 🔻
a nourishing online retreat for post-natal mothers
Saturday 17th October
2 - 5pm ~ £30.

The afternoon begins as always with a welcoming circle, a grounding guided meditation, sharing, yoga and of course always ending with a divine and soothing live sound bath.
All of this held in the comfort of your own home.
This retreat is open to mothers at all stages on their postnatal journey ~ be your baby weeks, months, years or decades old.
There is an optional add-on of a baby yoga and massage class to be held at 3pm in a separate Zoom room. So your bubba and partner or pal can get in on the action too (there’s nothing to stop them joining you for the sound bath afterwards too, if YOU choose - this is about YOU after all!)
You will receive a package of goodies to support your retreat experience - we’ll be sending these out beforehand so we’re all sharing the same sensual treats, enhancing the collective experience.
We’ve been sharing a peek into this on social media @embracingchangecollective and it’s looking 👌🏻

As our inaugural event we’re offering this at half price, £30
Please book sooner rather than later as goodies go out tomorrow

Ask us anything.

Booking via link in bio and @embracingchangecollective

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Sometimes it’s all you need to do...

#moonday #breathe #ridethewaves #takeamoment

Impossible to capture the sound and resonance of a gong on a phone.... 💫

This Friday evening come and feel her for yourself. Join the glorious @elevateyogaclass and myself at #Seagrave Memorial Hall for a nourishing yoga session followed by a dreamy sound bath.

Think twinkly and candlelight, comfy coziness and the perfect way to end the week, begin the weekend and mark the new moon 🌙

Booking @elevateyogaclass
Limited places to keep us all safe and sound.

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🔻 r e t r e a t t r e a t s 🔻

Preparing contributions to the @embracingchangecollective retreat package ahead of our Embracing Change Post-Natal retreat NEXT Saturday 17th, 2-5pm

A box of goodies to enhance the collective sensory experience of our retreat will be sent out on Wednesday so it arrives with you in good time. So if you’ve been tempted but yet to book please go ahead and click the link in the bio to@book your place and receive your box.

Check out @embracingchangecollective for all info

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A year ago today all my worldly possessions were being loaded into a removals van as we emptied my home of the previous 18 years.

They were heading into storage, I was going to stay at my mums; I had no idea where I was going to move to.

After 23 years in London I was leaving.

I didn't know where or what I was moving towards but I did imagine trees, space, Nature, big skies, more time with family and friends.

Today, looking out the window of my new home on a big sky, huge trees and a garden filled with birds, knowing my BF is coming for a sleepover tonight and my sister stays over tomorrow, this plaque caught my gaze and I smiled....

#imagination #trust #lifepath #instinct #intuition #changeyourlife #newchapter

I cannot wait to share sound in a real life physical space again 😍
EXCITING....It's back! Join me and the lovely Kat from @berry_and_bloom for an evening of gentle yoga followed by an immersive Sound Bath. Think twinkly lights, candles, woody scents and cosy Autumn vibes 🌟

Put your best leggings or jogging bottoms on, you are going out-out! Starting with a gentle stretch and flow (suitable for all), stay wrapped in your blanket, just like you would if you could after every class... Kat will then take us on an hour long journey of amazing sound therapy. Absolute bliss! All you have to do it lie back and breathe.

Comfy clothes, extra blankets and pillows welcome. Maybe a flask of tea for after. £15, limited spaces obviously.

Book via my website under events (link in bio) Any questions just ask! Rachael xx

A sound bath is a deeply immersive, full body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle, yet powerful, therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture the mind and body.

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💫T A L K I N G C I R C L E S 💫

As a collective of women who have all practised or participated in talk therapy, it won’t come as a surprise that we have built in space to talk into our retreats!

Often arranged around a theme, we facilitate supportive, non-judgmental talking circles where participants are encouraged to show up authentically and voice those things that feel important to them - be they joyful, painful... or anything in between.

We emphasise values over goals, as a powerful way to stay true to who we are and feel anchored even when faced with uncertainty. Retreat members are invited to share those values with the group and it is always a moving experience - both to voice those intentions in front of others and to be a witness for someone else’s truth.

What emerges from each group is as different and unique as the groups themselves, but what is consistent is a real sense of connectedness, inspiration and hope.

Post-natal retreat October 17th
Pregnancy retreat November 28th

Booking @embracingchangecollective

#talkinghelps #sharingiscaring #talktherapy #talkingcircle #connection #embracingchangecollective #motherhood #ittakesavillage #sisterhood @embracingchangecollective

THIS WILL BE AMAZING with @embracingchangecollective
💥 N O W B O O K I N G 💥

🔻Mothering the Mother 🔻
a nourishing online retreat for mothers in pregnancy

Saturday 28th November
2 - 5pm ~ £30.

The afternoon begins as always with a welcoming circle, a grounding guided meditation, sharing, yoga and of course always ending with a divine and soothing live sound bath.

All of this held in the comfort of your own home.

This retreat is open to mothers at all stages in pregnancy

You will receive a package of goodies to support your retreat experience - we’ll be sending these out beforehand so we’re all sharing the same sensual treats, enhancing the collective experience.


As our inaugural pregnancy event we’re offering this at half price, £30

Please book sooner rather than later as we’ll keep it to a limited number to stay true to a circle feel

Ask us anything.

Booking through the bio

#onlineretreat #pregnancy #motherhood #mindfulness #meditation #soundbath #yoga #gong #circle #wombwisdom #pregnancysupport #aromatherapy #homeopathy #herbs #plantmedicine

I LOVE teaching hypnobirthing live online! 💗

Of course I miss sharing space in my lil Roman lounging den at @thewellgarden but I have to say how much I am enjoying our conversations and exploration from our own homes. .. especially as the nights draw in and the seasons change. 🍂

We meet for a couple of hours every week, there’s prompts, videos, reading and listening to continue to support parents around our time and we journey together.

The last course of 2020 begins Wednesday November 11th and is open for bookings now.

Perfect for anyone expecting a baby before Spring 2021.

Courses are 6 weeks, we meet for two hours a week in a small group to talk things through and practice tools and techniques to help support you through pregnancy, birth and parenting.

We'll explore what matters to you and make this approach work for you personally.

Come join me in the course that offers more resources than any other:

○ Why Hypnobirthing Matters and The Positive Birth Book, plus a specially created course journal
○ 40+ hypnosis and meditation recordings

Sliding scale of rates to suit all budgets which I know may not be what they were. Please don’t ever let finances prohibit you - talk to me.

All info, online booking and lots of free resources at :

Link in bio

Ask me anything

#getready #getinformed
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7/7 Moving through the six month Covid wall
✡︎ Expect less, offer more ✡

Expect less of yourself…

Ouch, that can be a hard one to hear right? We’re so used to demanding and expecting more of ourselves. This, however, is a time for radical acceptance. It’s tough right now. You have to accept that in your bones and be okay with this as the way it is, at the moment.

Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up. It means not resisting or fighting reality so you can apply your energy elsewhere. This past week, sharing these tools has all been about recognising what depletes you and what strengthens you. Accepting that things are a bit shit at the moment as a baseline allows you to step into a more spacious mental space that allows you to do more of the things that strengthen you, instead of being stuck in a state of psychological self torment.

Having society, media, and the world at large constantly telling us to strive for more, be more, do more; we must give ourselves permission to do the opposite. We have to expect less of ourselves, and we have to replenish more.

We need to recognise that we’re grieving multiple losses while managing the ongoing impact of trauma and uncertainty. There’s plenty of emotions around: I’m hearing (and experiencing) about disappointment, anger, grief, sadness, exhaustion, stress, fear, anxiety - no one can function at full capacity with all that going on.

So expect less of yourself.
And offer more.
More compassion. More kindness. More understanding. More patience.

Consider this an opportunity for self discovery
Where do I get my energy? What kind of down time do I need? What inspires me? What soothes me? What matters to me? What rhythm of life do I need right now?

Come back to the basics. Treat yourself like a house plant, with more complex emotions. Ensure you’re keeping hydrated. Getting enough sunlight. Keeping nourished. If you can also ensure good rest, you’re on to a winner in building resilience.

📷 Beautiful words from Danna Faulds

6/7 Moving through the six month Covid wall

✡︎ Write it out ✡︎

If you're feeling overwhelmed try this. Make some time to sit and write, just write... anything.
It doesn't have to make sense and no-one need ever read it.
The act of getting thoughts and worries and fears out on to a page is cathartic (releasing them afterwards by burning them is even better!)

Several studies show that short journaling sessions can tremendously increase the psychological as well as the physical well-being of the writer, an increase in well-being and happiness.

Regular journalling is a powerful self-discovery tool way, helping you uncover the habits of your mind and behaviours. When you journal is up to you.

The most significant benefit of journaling in the morning is that it helps to get a clear head and start the day with a fresh feeling.
You can release all the tension and anxiety and focus on the positive aspects of the upcoming day. Through positive affirmations and writing down what you are grateful for, you can set an intention for the day and helps you to focus on your priorities and stay positive.

These questions are great for journaling sessions in the morning and help me to start my day off positively:
What am I currently thankful for?
What am I excited for at the moment?
What am I proud of?
What do I truly enjoy these days?

If you don’t find time in the morning, evenings can be great for journaling sessions as an opportunity to let go of the days’ experiences and tensions and to fully relax.

Prompts such as
What did go well today?
What could I’ve done better?
What surprised me today?
What do I want to do differently tomorrow?

There are various journals and apps to support you in this practice, Whilst typing helps most of us write more quickly, thereby aiding stream of consciousness writing (ala Julia Cameron's Morning Pages) I prefer writing the emotion and tactility of writing longhand, in ink on good quality paper.

After a full day in front of Zoom... 🤯

3rd year of my Masters degree in Mindfulness @bangor_university began today... 💥

Did you know Bangor was the first university IN THE WORLD to offer a Masters degree in Mindfulness? It’s where it all began 19 years ago...

For me, the last two years of study have prompted enormous personal and professional change. Let’s see what the next year brings!!!

#everydaysaschoolday #mastersdegree #mindfulness #mbsr #mbct

5/7 Moving through the six month Covid wall

✡︎ Get clear on what matters to you ✡︎

When so many things are out of our control and without our usual activities and support systems, it’s understandable that life can feel hopeless and meaningless at times.

Even with restrictions in place, we can still work towards creating a life that feels meaningful by making some time to consider the values that are important to you.

Values? If you’re a little confused by this concept, you’re not alone.
We live in a goal-focused society, not a values-focused one. Values are not about what you want to get or achieve; they are about how you want to behave or act on an ongoing basis.

Take a few minutes to consider:

✡︎ What do you want to stand for in the face of this crisis?
✡︎ What sort of person do you want to be, as you go through this?
✡︎ How do you want to treat yourself and others?

Your values might include love, respect, humour, patience, courage, honesty, caring, openness .... or numerous others. There’s no such thing as right or wrong values.
Look for ways to ‘sprinkle’ these values into your day.
Let them guide and motivate your behaviours.

Of course, as time continues to unfold, there will be all sorts of obstacles in life; goals you can’t achieve, things you can’t do, problems for which there are no simple solutions. But you can still live your values in a myriad of different ways, even in the face of all those challenges.

If you're unsure of values, choose kindness over everything.

Scientific research has shown that kindness alters body physiology, calming stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and producing oxytocin and endorphins, hormones of connection.

Consider: What are kind, caring ways you can treat yourself as you go through this?
What are kind words you can say to yourself?
What are kind ways you can treat others who are suffering?
What can you say and do that will enable you to look back in years to come and feel proud of your response?

4/7 Moving through the six month Covid wall

✡︎ Cultivate an attitude of gratitude ✡︎

It can be really easy to spiral into negativity when feeling low and depleted, but there are some practical things which can be done to try and help us stay more positive in the face of such uncertainty. Such as practicing gratitude.

Expressing gratitude can be one of the most powerful feelings when it is done consciously.

In the midst of restrictions we see what we lack and what could be better, but ignore the things that already give us joy.

Your mind can be thought of as a muscle. You can strengthen either the habit of focusing on the positive or the negative. You may not have control over all the circumstances in your life, but you CAN control what is the focus of your attention. Being aware of what's good in life is one thing; being grateful for what is good is another.

You can certainly increase your happiness by focusing on the positive, but you can ramp it even higher by being appreciative of and being grateful for the blessings you have. By building the habit of paying close attention to what you have in your life for which you can be grateful, you increase the amount of pleasure you experience, your mood, and ultimately your happiness.

First thing in the morning or last thing at night write a few things down every day that you’re grateful for, even if it’s as simple as the delicious dinner you ate, the relaxing bath you had, the birds outside your window or the autumn sunshine. Writing a little list every day helps you cultivate a mental attitude that is focused around the things you’re grateful for rather than what’s missing. It primes your brain to see the positive.

There’s a mindful meditation practice for cultivating gratitude in my IGTV series from back in lockdown - make 15 minutes to sit quietly and reflect on what you’re grateful for

Link to the recording is in stories and the Mindful Moment series in IGTV on my profile.

#gratitude #6monthwall #covid_19 #covidsupport #mindfulness #meditation

“Will I get wet?”


Is one of the FAQs I get asked about sound baths...

The answer, usually, would be no.

It’s a bath in the sense that you gift yourself time for it, you turn off phones and distractions, you make sure you’re warm and comfy and you allow yourself to be bathed in the sounds around you...

Unless, like me, you enjoy a live streamed sound bath IN a bath, under the full moon 🌕

Super charged release last night after two days of intense emotions.

Thank you @sselvatico

I am plotting a return to live sound baths (with reduced numbers obvs) this autumn and CANNOT WAIT 💫

#soundbath #soundhealing #fullmoon #soothing #energy #charnwood #meltonmowbray @elevateyogaclass 😉 @yogashalamelton 😉
@burroughcourt 😉

3/7 Moving through the six month Covid wall

✡︎ Set boundaries on news and social media ✡︎

Set boundaries for yourself around what you’re exposed to on a daily basis. There is a lot of anger and a lot of fear present right now, in the world and eschewed all over the internet – it’s time to protect yourself.

You can’t control what happens in the future. You can’t control Corona virus itself or the world economy or how your government manages this whole sordid mess. And you can’t magically control your feelings, eliminating all that perfectly natural fear and anxiety.

But you can control what you do - here and now. And that matters.

Limiting the amount of news we consume on a daily basis makes things a little less overwhelming. Remember it’s SOME news, not THE news.

When we are feeling anxious, down or in a strange place, it’s not very helpful to compare ourselves to others – which inevitably happens on social media. Taking a step back from your phone can help you get clear and stay on your own path. Notice whether content helps inspire, inform or nourish you, or whether you feel triggered in some way.

I love to remember the phrase “Not my circus, not my monkeys” when I realise I’ve got caught up in someone else’s drama or my own unhelpful stories. It’s okay to unfollow or snooze accounts!

You are what you consume – not just what you eat.
Make conscious decisions about what you allow in - ensure it’s what strengthens rather than depletes you.

##covidwall #wellbeing #balance #resilience #6monthwall #mindfulness #acceptanceandcommitmenttherapy #grief #anger #anxiety #calm #presence #grounding #mbct #mbsr #controlwhatyoucancontrol #choosethepositive

Thinking of all those babies making their way earth-side under this full moon... ...

2/7 Moving through the six month Covid wall

✡︎ Create a morning ritual ✡︎

As humans we crave structure and routine, it may feel like all structure has gone out the window or you may have adjusted to a new semblance of structure. Is it serving you or is it a hangover of the “making it through” days? Does it have a sense of surviving, or thriving?

Creating a daily routine helps us put healthy habits in place so we get the most out of our day. Gradually building regular practices that promote resilience will provide a fallback when life gets tough. And when we feel like we’ve achieved something – no matter how small – we’re going to generally feel much happier in ourselves.

My daily morning routine has provided a safe harbour no matter the weather in my mind and body.

I get up at 6.30am, look out the bedroom window to say hello to the world and after a quick refresh with rose water I head downstairs to boil water for my neti pot and fresh lemon slices in a cup. I go out into the garden to say hello to the birds and check their feeders, sometimes I’ll walk through the adjacent fields to see the sun rise. Then I head upstairs with my hot water and lemon to meet @yogsundari, powered by Zoom, for an hours yoga and meditation. I light incense and candles for my practice and draw an oracle card to inspire intention.

Feeling expansive and grounded after practice I have a shower then it’s back downstairs where the boiled water in my neti pot has cooled ready for use. Now it’s time for coffee and then, and only then, will I check my email and begin work…

It’s taken time for me to craft a daily ritual which serves me well. I'd love to hear, what's in your daily ritual? Yours will suit your time and practice: focus on sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation, self-compassion, connection, and saying no.

If you do a little bit every day you'll gain momentum, and even if you miss a day, then start again. We have to be gentle with ourselves and keep on, begin again.

My next live online hypnobirthing course begins this Saturday and it’s not too late to join us.

We meet 10am - noon in a small group of expectant parents for six weekly informal, chatty, fun sessions.

We’ll be exploring the mind-body connection and how you can make it work FOR you in birth and in life. Outside of our time together you’ll have books, online resources, a journal to inspire and 40+ hypnosis and mindfulness recordings to support your practice and evolution.

I’m already working with babies “due” in Jan - March 2021 so it truly is never too early to start. I have tailored hypnosis sessions from the very first trimester in pregnancy and it’s never too soon to feel informed, inspired, calm, confident and upbeat!

Please don’t ever let finances prevent you exploring hypnobirthing, I know all too well how these uncertain times have caused financial hardship and have a COVID rate for those who need it.

Let’s get started! You can book online and I’ll send you materials and we’ll chat ahead of our first session
(Link in bio)

Saturdays October 3rd - November 7th
10am - noon
Live thru zoom wherever you are!

#hypnobirthing #onlinecourse #birth #pregnancy #birthpreparation #positivebirth #hypnosis #mindfulbirth #affirmation #birthclass #inspire #inform