A belated note to wish you a very merry Christmas and to introduce our newest family addition! Barnaby Benjamin joined us on 21 November, born at home late in the evening, weighing in at 8lbs and as tall as his big brother at birth – 57cm. We are very excited to celebrate the holiday season as a family of four!

Kat – we had a very successful home birth! We went to Mal and Jackie following your advice and had Mal and Emilie help us throughout. Barnaby came out toes first which was a surprise to all as his heart beat had been firmly where it should be for a head down baby just half an hour before. Mal was very excited! And I was excited to avoid the emergency c section I no doubt would have had in hospital 😊

A  hospital environment would have been a very different start for us all so I’m very grateful! And to my body. Apparently I did all the right moves without having any idea…I did feel like a mooing cow at one point but needs must 🙂 

It was GREAT to go to bed at home and wake up together as a family of four. So a big thank you for the tip of Mal and Jackie and all of your support seeing us through. My breathing/hypno prep definitely helped although at one point I was questioning my sanity being at home away from the hard drugs…James thinks that was transition. We’ll never know 😉 

I can’t quite believe that I’m surrounded with three lovely boys – so very lucky! 

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