All about the dads

All about the dads

God I love the hypnobirthing dads….

When I get riled up about the patriarchal system squashing feminine power and how that has affected women’s ability to birth and belief in themselves; I remember “my” dads and how patriarchy isn’t inherently in men.

Hypnobirthing dads are connected, interested and intrigued by birth and the power of women, eloquently articulated by one of my dads last year:

“J was an absolute hero and I’m amazed at the power & strength of women. I’m absolutely convinced now (if I wasn’t before) that women rule the world and are a far, far superior race. Men have hijacked the world, when really we’re just the bicycle couriers who deliver the seeds. I salute you ladies!”

To celebrate fathers day firstly I have a hypnosis for new dads recording free for you – Go here and download it to help you relax and strengthen positivity as you navigate this new chapter in life.


Let’s celebrate birth from dad’s eye view with this collection of birth stories generously shared with me :

“We announced the birth to friends and family then lay side by side in bed with a glass of champagne and a silly grin on our faces knowing our family had begun and life would never be the same again.”

“Hypno-birthing didn’t just change everything for us as a couple, it changed everything for me when it came to being a birth partner.”

“The whole adventure left me deeply humbled and flooded with love. A staggering feat of strength and bravery.”

“I just emembered my admission in our first season that I was worried I was a faint-risk. Birth was magical”

“We both felt really prepared and relaxed for the journey and when things started we were excited and not scared at all.”

“I started getting the living room prepared – bouncy ball, pillows, mood lighting and wondered where the hell I’d put the bloody bendy straws.”

“When my partner first suggested hypno-birthing classes I was thinking ‘what a load of nonsense but if it’s what she wants I’ll go with it’.

“Flora really enjoyed the birthing stage and would do it again tomorrow if she could!”

“Awestruck / lost for words / dumbfounded… I can’t quite find the right phrase for what I felt.”

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