Hello Kat,

Happy new year! I just read an email newsletter from you and it reminded me that I wanted to pass onto you news of our second baby, Willow Helena, born on 6 November. Dom and I attended your course at the Well Garden back in 2016, in preparation for the arrival of Sebastian (now 3! Can’t quite believe it!)

And the reason I particularly wanted to share the news, is because everything we learnt with you really had an impact during Willow’s arrival. Willow arrived so quickly that Dom delivered her on his own, on our living room floor! We weren’t planning a home birth, we were due at the birth centre at the Whittington but there was just no time to get there.

We were both so calm and and it was such a wonderful experience. The principles and science that we learnt about birth with you, and the techniques to help me stay relaxed, meant that I had complete confidence in my body, and breathed my way through it all. I only pushed once with one last contraction and she came out all in one go, all pink and alert and making lovely little noises. In fact, I felt Willow give a big kick/ movement right before every contraction, it really felt like she was very involved in driving the whole process! It was completely amazing.

Willow, now 10 weeks old, remains such a lovely calm baby, just like her entrance to the world.

So thank you, so much, for your knowledge and advice. We are very grateful to have spent that time with you back in 2016!

Kat, Dom, Sebastian & Willow

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