Little Lola arrived 2 weeks ago and we’re all smitten. Actually, she wasn’t so little at 4.6kg…but we managed a water birth. Not sure I would have tried had I known I was carrying a giant, but very pleased we did!, 100% agree it was better not to be told about size!

We stayed at home for a long time until contractions were really intense and close together (despite my concerns about birthing in an Uber)…I mostly just used the breathing techniques and visualisation, we had a very calming David Attenborough video playing in the background (completely unplanned but it was very soothing!). 

When we got to hospital I was 4cm…baby arrived 2 (very intense) hours later.
Interesting that last time I was also “only” 4cm when we got to hospital and decided to have epidural thinking I couldn’t last the marathon to get to 10cm…

After some almighty pushing she arrived healthy and beautiful in the bath…and yes it was pushing….I used the down breathing until the very last bit but then the midwife was coaching me to push (despite birthplan).. in the moment I was thinking this isn’t what we had practiced but it also felt like I needed to to get our enormous baby out! Curious in hindsight as to whether it was necesssry… notes said the second stage was only 12 minutes though it felt much longer.

I then had to get a spinal to get 3rd degree tear repaired which was disappointing after not even having gas & air! But still so happy we did it naturally and it was such a different experience to last time delivering in theatre.  

Thanks so much for all your wisdom, guidance and support!
S x

note from Kat: you’ll know that in hypnobiirthing we very much stress following your body’s lead rather than directed coached pushing… This is a wonderful article from Glora Lemay that explains why we need patience with first time mums in that downward stage and hands off / mouths shut with second / third / fourth time mums!!!

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